I had given up on marriage many times but he did not: Tahira Kashyap talks about her initial marital problems with Ayushmann Khurrana


Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurana are the star couple of Bollywood as there are no two ways about. Recently, in an interview, Tahira opened up about her insecurity, giving up on marriage and bond with Ayushmann, 

"I had a problem with him kissing on screen. I felt like a big, huge fat whale sitting at home. When you are pregnant your hormones also go up and down. Here this boy is looking at his youngest youth best and he is romancing women and what is this onscreen kiss," said Tahira. 

"We both were very young. He didn't have the time and patience to take me along and I didn't have the patience to understand. There was this disconnect that we were not there for each other to take each other along in that journey. Somewhere he knew that she doesn't mean mad. I also knew he wasn't cheating. I had to evolve as a person to understand what art is," added Tahira.

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Tahir further revealed that though she had given up on their marriage many times Ayushmann did not. "I had given up many times but he did not. He didn't use to give up but he also didn't make up... We both have really evolved as artists, as companions and we have seen a journey including cancer being a part of it. Where we are right now, it is at its strongest best," said Tahira.

Source: India Today