From Instagram to Cannes: Here's why Billi Massi aka Kusha Kapila is the real 'Diva'


Synergist, Survivor and Multi-tasker Kusha Kapila is literally the real 'Diva' and we will tell you why. An Instagram personality who rose to fame with her 'South Delhi Girls' and 'Gorom Lagche' videos has become 'THE REAL DEAL' today. From her 'machalta hua' sarcasm to her 'DJ Aarti' swag, we love it all. Her dedication, hard work and her typical 'Hello Ji, Beta Ji' has gotten her where she stands today. Billi Massi aka Kusha attended the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in France recently and we are as blown as you. Not because she is not talented enough to be there but because she ACTUALLY made it to Cannes on her own. You go, Girl, really!

From hanging out with Queen Kangana Ranaut to making kickass videos with Huma Qureshi, Kusha had the time of her life and gave us all the live Cannes entertainment.

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At Cannes 2019, she moderated a panel at the India pavilion with Kangana Ranaut, Prasoon Joshi, Amit Khare and Ashok Parmar talking about representation in cinema, dismantling language barriers and more.

Live victoriously she said and she did live victoriously. 

And her chakras really CAME THRUU when she attended the Chopard parchaaay. And oh man, just look at that party glow with Dita Von Teese.

When she actually shot with a real 'SOUTH DELHI' girl. OH MY GOD, double the swag, enthu and oh, how can we forget, COCO BHAAYA.

Kusha is aparampar sundarta and wisdom ki devi and no one can deny this. Bold, sexy, intelligent and HUSNE-E-MALLIKA Kusha is the queen of Instagram and now, with her hanging out with Bollywood ladies, we might just catch her in the theatres near us, pretty soon.


HUSNE-E-MALLIKA TO HUMBLEWATI in less than ten seconds. Do you relate?

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