Javed Akhtar says ban ghoonghat and burqa, receives threat video from Karni Sena


Lyricist Javed Akhtar has found himself in troubled waters after making a statement on the prohibition of ghoonghat system in Rajasthan which indeed didn't get a positive response from the infamous Karni Sena. Akhtar, who attended an event in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday said that if burqa ban can be implemented, the practice of ghoonghat in Rajasthan should also be banned. Javed added that he will be happy if both-burqa and ghoonghat system are banned. “If you want to bring a law banning burqa, I have no objection. But before the last phase of election in Rajasthan, this government should announce a ban on the practice of ghoonghat in that state. I feel that ghoonghat should go and burqa should go. I will be happy,” said Javed, as reported by a leading daily.

Followed by the statement, a member of the Maharashtra Karni Sena, named Jeevan Singh Solanki put forth his unacceptance in strong words through a video. Giving Javed an ultimatum of three days to apologize, Jeevan Singh threatened Javed by saying 'maafi maango nahi toh zubaan kheech lenge'. In the video, we can hear the member reminding Akhtar about the trouble that the team of Padmaavat and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has to face. Watch the video here.

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One may remember Karni Sena for putting Padmaavat in a deep soup for portraying the Queen of Chittorgarh, Rani Padmavati in the film and caused a delay of nearly a month and a half. The Rajasthan centric cultural body demanded Bhansali make edits to the film and chop off scenes that misrepresented Rajasthani culture and the life of the Queen, primarily changing the title Padmaavat from the original Padmavati. However, the film saw the light of the day post many hiccups and became a blockbuster instantly. 

Source: Spot Boy E/Twitter