It is my nature to lead a proper life: PM Modi tells Akshay Kumar that he has always been ‘careful’ about his appearance


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his interaction with Akshay Kumar at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi on April 23, said that he has always been careful about his appearance. Narrating incidents about his style of living, PM Modi said that as a child, he often suffered from inferiority complex as he belonged to a poor family.

 “It is my nature to lead a proper life. I always felt inferior because I belonged to a poor family. It probably stemmed from psychology that I studied as a child,” PM Modi told Akshay.


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Moreover, PM Modi also said that he has been particular about his attire as a child. “Since I didn’t have an iron to press my clothes, I used to fill coal in a vessel and iron my clothes. I didn’t have shoes. My uncle bought white canvas shoes for me once, but they got dirty. In school, after my classmates left, I used to collect the small pieces of chalk that my teacher used to leave behind. Every morning, I used to polish my shoes with chalk,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi and Akshay Kumar discussed various subjects, not political of course, during their interaction.


Source: ANI