Ranbir Kapoor is 37, Alia Bhatt is 27, they are young or dumb: Kangana Ranaut lambasts the duo for not speaking on issues of national importance


Kangana Ranaut is well-known to speak her mind on the issues pertaining to national importance as well as her opinions about her colleagues and peers in Bollywood. Her comments have often landed her in trouble but she has not taken heed ever. Now, Kangana once again targeted Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in a recent interview. In the interview, she said that both Ranbir and Alia are too old to be called young actors.

During the interview, she was asked why she loves picking on people, to this Kangana said, “I do only that when I am rubbed the wrong way. And what is this thing of calling them young... Ranbir Kapoor is, what, 37 years old, young kid of the generation and Alia Bhatt just turned turned 27... my mother had three children at 27. This is absolutely unfair... bachche hai, ki dumb hai ki kya hai..."

Kangana Ranaut

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She said that actors don’t refrain or shy away from talking about their sex lives but are reluctant to talk about issues of national importance. She said, “If we are asking about your sex life, that you are okay to discuss, put the pictures on Instagram, who I am f***ing, who I am not f***ing, that is fine; but about the country, 'it’s my personal choice'."

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

When she was questioned that Ranbir’s comment, “I live in luxury,” was meant only for himself, Kangana said, “These are people who feel absolutely exclusive, saying one has nothing to do with the rest of India. This is the kind of attitude that Karan Johar and gang thrive on. Because they feel superior to others. We need to question that.”