Biggest load of cow dung: Ravi Shastri on his alleged affair with Nimrat Kaur


Team India coach Ravi Shastri has taken a strong stand against the recent media reports that suggested that he is dating Bollywood beauty, Nimrat Kaur. Speaking to a leading daily that reached out to him for a bite, the former cricketer said, “Biggest load of dung.” According to the reports circulating in the media, the couple has been seeing each other for over two years now and has managed to keep their relationship hidden from the paparazzi.

Shastri and Nimrat have been reportedly been making time for each other from their hectic work commitments. Shastri is currently with the national cricket team in England for an ongoing Test series while Nimarat is busy shooting for a web series. Shastri told the leading daily, “Nothing to say when it is the biggest load of cow dung.” He further added, “ Cow dung says it all." The daily persisted in getting a statement out of him and asked when the last time he met the actress was. Shastri shot back with, “When I say cow dung, you must understand."

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The flamboyant former cricketer had a bevy of ladies throwing themselves at his feet during his young cricketing days. Shastri was previously married to classical Indian dancer Ritu Singh, the marriage ended in divorce in 2012. The two have a daughter named Aleka who is 10-years-old. Nimrat, on the other hand, who wowed the audience with her acting in The Lunchbox and Airlift, has not been linked up with anyone previously. Shastri was in a serious relationship with actress Amrita Singh (Saif Ali Khan’s ex-wife) in his younger days. However, the relationship went caput and the two headed their different ways.

Nimrat too has denied the rumours ferociously on social media: