Handmade gifts, daughter Maryam, wife Amal and the mountains; Here are Dulquer Salmaan's favorites


Dulquer Salmaan, the south Indian sensation will soon make his third debut in Indian Cinema and first in Bollywood with director Akarsh Khurana’s Karwaan along with Irrfan and internet star Mithila Palkar. During a Special Coffee Date with the actor, we got to know a few interesting things that have a huge place in his heart.

Karwaan traces the journey of three oddballs on a road trip together and it’s not surprising that Dulquer chose this as his debut. He admits, “I like travelling. I am a very easy traveller. I think I like the mountains more. A lot of the times I get to travel for shoots, but if a given a chance and time, want to explore India.”

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DQ, as he refers to himself in order avoid the confusion about the pronunciation (and as he is fondly called) is all hearts for his wife Amal Sufi. His cute love story reminds us of Shahid-Mira because “It was an arrange-love marriage. On our first meet, we talked for like 7 hours.”

His love for his daughter, Maryam Ameera is all over the social media. He said, “Throughout the pregnancy, my wife wanted a boy. And I really wanted a girl. On the day of delivery, I remember when the doctor informed me it’s a girl and I was screaming and shouting with happiness. My family thought I have lost it!”


It wasn’t too long until the actor decided to club his love for travelling and his daughter. “When my daughter was 5 months old we started travelling. Last year, we travelled to Dubai, Thailand, Sri Lanka.”  Now the 14-months-old Maryam even accompanies her father on sets. “She has come to the Karwaan sets while shooting in Kumarakom, very pretty location. But that's the only time she came on sets.”

Dq himself being the son of Malayalam icon Mammootty is okay with the fact if his daughter wants to take up acting later in her life. "I would be okay with her doing films, I don’t know about her mother because my wife is a little traditional and conservative kind of mother.”

The actor enjoys massive following down south. And is extremely grateful to the fans who send him handmade gifts over expensive stuff.  “I like more of these handmade gifts. I get very moved by their efforts. There is something endearing about the effort someone puts in for you."


Dulquer is amongst the most popular stars on social media, and the actor admits he suffers from phone addiction and social media (and is an avid Auto lover). “I like to read a lot. I am open to any kind of information. I think Twitter is a good news feed because it curates all the news for you and you pick what sort of article you want to read. And you wait a lot on sets and then my phone becomes my friend. As for Instagram, it's a personal platform. I personally share content there and not my team. That is for Facebook. To announce things and cater the prfessional aspects. Insta is for me and my fans!"