Pakistani actress Meera lashes out at Mahira Khan for her statements against India

Pakistani actress Meera who acted in Hindi films like Nazar and Kasak is all set to try her hand in Bollywood once again. She is all set to release her film Simran in India and Pakistan but she hasn’t received a visa for India yet. Meera blamed her fellow actress Mahira Khan for speaking ill about India which is making it incredibly difficult for Pakistani artists to obtain an Indian visa!

Meera levied many accusations on Mahira and said that she wasn’t worthy of starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees. She told a leading daily, “Mahira started saying poorly about India in Pakistan after starring in Raees. When I was working in India, I spoke positively about the relations between the two countries and I highlighted the good things. But Mahira has no class; she kept on speaking against India.”
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She further alleged that when she went to the embassy to get a visa, officials repeated Mahira’s statements and denied her visa, citing her as a Pakistani artist. She also appealed to SRK to help her and her team to obtain a visa so that they can release their film in the country. “Shah Rukh may have cast her (Mahira) in his film, but he did not teach her class and sophistication on how to speak to the media. I apologize for Mahira’s mistakes and I request artists and films to have friendly relations between the two nations," appealed Meera.

Well.. Well..

The Meera-Mahira catfight goes long back. On many occasions she made no secret of her feelings, expressing she isn’t happy with the praises and endorsement that Mahira receives from the media.“The trend of promoting Mahira Khan should end, there are other actors in the industry too,” quoted Meera, back in 2017.