In a Dhadak shot, Janhvi Kapoor mistook herself for mother Sridevi


Janhvi Kapoor has all set of eyeballs fixed on her, as she prepares to set foot into Bollywood on July 20, 2018 with her maiden film Dhadak. Janhvi - daughter of the legendary actress Sridevi - is garnering quite the attention from the media and the audience, ahead of her debut vehicle, a remake of Marathi cinema's highly acclaimed Sairat.

Blessed with the best set of genes, Janhvi has caught the fancy of every and many. She may have the world at her feet, but the 21-year-old misses her 'mumma' dearly for Janhvi was very close to her mother. In an interview with a leading news agency, Janhvi says that even though she has never tried hard to adopt Sridevi's style, there may be certain things she has inherited genetically.

"I am my mumma's daughter, so I look like her; but I know I am different. There was that one montage shot where I am drinking milk in a scene. For a fraction of second, I thought that was mumma... I was like 'Oh God, wasn't it her? Actually, in that shot, I saw my side profile."


When asked about what made her feel so? She answered:

"I have one such image of mumma where she used to have juice in the early morning. So the moment I woke up and looked out for her around me, I would see her drinking juice from a side. So yes, that was one moment."

Sridevi was over the moon about firstborn entering the industry she worked in for 50 years. But the happiness was short-lived. Fate played an ugly game, and Janhvi today gears up for the release of her movie, without Sridevi's support for the icon breathed her last in February earlier this year.

But the "mumma's daughter," and the young actress has more to bring to the table than just her enviable genes. She put up a brave front and resumed shooting of Dhadak shortly after Sridevi's death. But rest assured, we know there's a smiling mother up there, taking pride in every bit of a star Janhvi has become, and the girl she raised.