When Sridevi told Janhvi Kapoor "Your first film will be compared to my 400th"


Janhvi Kapoor was in the middle of shooting her first Hindi film, Dhadak, when her mother, actress Sridevi, succumbed to accidental drowning. Lives were changed and she, a 21-year-old girl, decided to appear confident and prove herself with even more determination and perseverance.

All she wants to do now is to make her parents happy and proud of herself. A young Janhvi is clear in her head about why she wants to be a screen artist. However, there's one more thing she thinks she is responsible for.

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Janhvi was talking to the media during one of the promotional interactions for Dhadak when she mentioned she feels strongly for her mother's fans. She mentioned that now that she has worked on a film and realised it's not an easy game to be in, she knows exactly why her mother, late actress Sridevi, had so much of fan following.

Janhvi said, "Some people pay heed to comparisons and they have these expectations but mom had been given and she’s still given so much love and adulation, respect, because she earned that and she gave the audiences so much to deserve that kind of love. I feel a sense of responsibility towards her fans. I want to make them happy and I want to earn the same kind of love. I know I need to work hard for it but it motivates me".

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She also talked about why her mother was scared of her becoming an actress. She elaborated, "There was a misconception. Maybe I have gotten the opportunity easy, I recognize that, but acting isn’t easy.

I think she was worried about the comparisons because she kept saying 'you know I have done 400 films, this is your first but they’ll compare you to my 400th film on your first'.

But, I always said things like 'no, I love acting mumma, I’ll work hard I promise' ".

Janhvi also revealed that her mom actually wanted her become a doctor. She said, "When I was a kid, I remember she really wanted me to become a doctor. I don’t know why I used to tell her 'I am sorry mom, I don’t have the intellect to do these things. I'll become an actress but don’t worry I’ll play a doctor' ".

It's difficult to recuperate from the loss of a loved one. But, Janhvi seems like a fighter. We wish she keeps this newly built confidence of her intact!

Desk: Vineeta Kumar Tiwari