Watch: Ishaan Khatter's famous dreamy-eyed jump in Dhadak has a hilarious story behind it

Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s much-awaited film Dhadak is about to release. The film’s trailer and songs have already generated quite a buzz. The latest song that was released titled Pehli Baar gives a fresh take on the madness that is associated with first love. The song is sung by Ajay Gogavale and composed by Ajay-Atul while the lyrics have been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Ishaan dominates the song with his charismatic expressions and awestruck attitude but what remains with you after seeing the song is the ‘jump’ that he makes in a man-made lake. A video has been shared on YouTube which gives us the background of the ‘dreamy-eyed jump’ from the song.

The song Pehli Baar might have soulful music and a lilting voice crooning the lyrics but what stays with you is Ishaan’s expressions and his ‘struck by a thunderbolt’ expression in the ‘jump’. Now Dharma Productions has shared a video that gives the preparation and the brief behind it all and it is damn funny. Apparently, the lake was full of snakes, but director Shashank Khaitan had told Janhvi and Ishaan that there was just one solitary snake which was taken out. Ishaan revealed the brief that Shashank gave him before the jump and it is hilariously funny. Apparently, the director only said, “Ishaan don’t think so much, just jump.”

It seems the lead actors were not aware of the dangers and their surprised expressions in the video when they get to know about the snakes are really funny. The water was bitterly cold and there was a very small space for Ishaan to jump in the water. If he had landed on the stairs then he might have grievously hurt himself, and the biggest part was that he could not see where he would land as he was supposed to give the expression of being awestruck at the camera.

Watch the video here:

It is difficult to realize that the actors must have overcome difficulties of cold water and a threat to life to bring to the audience a song that is mesmerizing and beautiful. It looks all hunky-dory on screen and we often think star kids have everything easy, but it looks like they also have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to chisel their craft that appears like magic on screen.

Watch the song Pehli Baar here: