Irreverent and deep too: The 'Karwaan' trailer reminds us just why we adore Irrfan Khan


"3 lost souls… 2 dead bodies… A journey of a lifetime." The trailer of the Akarsh Khurana directed Karwaan has dropped and it sure lives up to its claim. We are soon introduced to the three oddballs from different walks of life who are thrown together on a somewhat bizarre journey, which helps them find normalcy in their lives.

There’s Avinash (Dulquer Salmaan) who receives a call at work from a travel company. He is professionally and pleasantly informed that his father died on tour and that they have despatched the body on the company account. However, the body that arrives is that of a woman. Turns out there is a mix-up and his father’s body has reached Kochi. Thus starts Avinash’s journey along with Shaukat (Irrfan Khan) and Tanya (Mithila Palkar), who needs to be dropped to her college in Ooty.

Irrfan reminds us just why he is so irresistible. His deadpan expressions and one-liners are guaranteed to crack you up. When he opens the container to find a woman instead of Avinash’s dead father he asks, “This is your Abbaji?!” On hearing that the bodies got swapped accidentally he tells Avinash to confirm if his father even really died at all, and when young Tanya addresses him as the driver he tells her to stop being rude or he will stuff her into the dabba with Nani!

Some more gems from him… “Never trust a crying woman and a milkman”. Also his question to a foreigner couple: “Why don’t you’ll bathe?” Naturally, they cannot understand what he is saying, to which he responds, “How will you’ll understand? Smoking ganja and charas has emptied your brain!”

The Karwaan or journey has its moments of depth as well, as the characters confront their individual circumstances. “People know how to claim rights but not to maintain relationships,” Irrfan sums up.

It ends on a happy note again… Avinash is informing a pretty lady who enquires where he is going that he is headed to Kochi to drop off a ‘package’ for a ‘client’. At this point, Shaukat steps in to inform that he has bound the corpse tightly and now they can drive as fast as they want without it rolling around!

Come August 3, we’ll be there to catch the full journey.