Janvhi spoke Mewari but she is directionally challenged: Fun goss from 'Dhadak' trailer launch


The trailer was loved at first sight…and so was the lead pair. While young Ishaan was definitely more expressive as he fielded questions from the media, Janhvi won herself some brownie points too! A few highlights from the sidelines at the Dhadak trailer launch…

Karan Johar teed off poking gentle fun onstage at director Shashank Khaitan’s graphic-print jacket. When Shashank quipped that he was merely trying to outdo Johar, who is generally snazzily dressed, Karan pointed out that when it comes to introducing newcomers, it is best not to steal the attention. True to his word, K Jo had turned up in all-black!

When a mediaperson directed a question at Janhvi, Shashank repeatedly pointed her in the direction of the journo. Janhvi was not amused but Shashank was, as he generously informed all and sundry that the lead actress was “directionally challenged”! Now we know!

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The lead pair was asked whether they believed in the all-encompassing love-till-the-end nature of the emotion, especially since they were young themselves. At this point, Karan butted in to declare that such love could happen at his age too! “Not only the young have a right on love, you know!” he declared. Naturally, he had everyone chuckling.

Janhvi was at a loss for words when asked what her definition of love was. After two seconds, Karan generously prompted, “Say ‘love is friendship’, pyaar dosti hai!” There were more chuckles all around.

A journo commented that when he had first seen Janhvi it was years ago at a magazine launch and she couldn’t even speak Hindi properly; now she is even managing a Rajasthani dialect in the film! Immediately the lass cut into to tell the reporter, “Aapke moonh mein ghee-shakkar,” which is the standard word of blessing for someone uttering good things!

It didn’t end there; Janhvi was requested to say a few words in the dialect and she did it with ease, quipping, “Mane Mewari aave hai!” Quick learner. Mummy must be proud…