Happy Birthday Suhana Khan: The true heir to Shah Rukh Khan's legacy at the moment


Shah Rukh Khan - the 52-year-old is easily one of the most recognized and renowned Indian faces in the world. Besides conquering and ruling millions of hearts with his impeccable set of acting, gentlemanly mannerisms, chivalrous persona and an on-point humour - this man essays perhaps the biggest role of his life, with utmost charm and heart. A daddy to Aryan, Suhana and AbRam - we bet you'd give your right arm to be in place of these kids, but there is not a figure that'd you the fortune.


Shah Rukh dotes on all three of his children - but daughter Suhana secures a special place - daughter, after all, daddy's l'il girl. Blossoming out of the young cocoon, the teenager is all set to blow 18 candles on her birthday cake on May 22, 2018. While most of the attention paid to her is related to her sartorial picks, or the adorable moments she shares with her girl gang and superstar parents, this whole time we couldn't help but wonder how she is the right heir to Khan's legacy. Well, well... We know it wouldn't be easy to believe having just said that, so here, sample these points for whoever it doesn't speak to:



1. Sacrosanct of everything viral


When you are Suhana Khan, everything you do makes headlines. Even without trying to make a splash at all - be it strutting down the Gateway of India, partying with besties Ananya Panday and Shanaya Kapoor, cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders at an IPL match or simply sharing something on social media - each of the things mentioned and everything else - makes news!

2. Good looks, and GOOD LOOKS!


She is the gorgeous daughter of the best thing to ever happen to Bollywood. He finds a way into your hearts with just a smile - so you cannot be the child of such an alluring man and not inherit the genes that made him the superstar he is! Suhana, all of 18, is a spitting image of her daddy and boy, oh boy, her beauty is the stuff of dreams - for those eyes that speak, the dimples that floor and the innocence that wasps a spell.

3. In-house competition to Shah Rukh Khan

Folks, this one may just burst the bubble for you. In a viral video, Suhana proved her acting prowess as she played Cinderella at a school show. For all those who believe SRK is the last of his league, here, sample this video below and rejoice - the true heir has indeed arrived to ascend the throne.

A penchant for acting, the art of stage performance - why are we not surprised?


4. Student Of The Year


Suhana does keep high interest in B-town circles and while Bollywood may be her calling, the teen icon never at any stage compromises with her academics. And moreover, Papa Khan has laid down strict diktat - 'complete your studies before doing anything.' And this talented girl surely knows how to keep her father happy!

5. All things classy; minus the attitude


It is expected of a star-kid to hold head high in the air and lose a grip on the ground. Constantly surrounded by the blinding flashes of the camera, one tends to lose direction in the search of the spotlight - but not if you are Suhana Khan. This girl has never taken to getting habitual to the shutterbugs and the attention thrown at her way but at the same time, she has never dismissed them altogether. Born with a silver spoon, she keeps her head right on her shoulders and never lets her father's stardom distract her. In fact, unlike the rest, she is quite shy when it comes to striking poses.

Regardless of what the future awaits, one thing we know for sure is that she is already a star in the making. With a huge millennial fan base, Suhana created waves and will continue to do so. Her on-point fashion sense has created waves and having embarked on her journey to a magazine cover girl - a passage to the industry, it’s not long before the star kid makes headlines for her incredible acting, just like her father. Till then, here's wishing the 'Gemini Gorgeousness' a very Happy Birthday!