Mira Goes Bold: Suggests Shahid to leave home, Reveals her favourite sex position 


Mira Rajput might not be the more famous one in her marriage to Shahid Kapoor, but she is definitely the one calling the shots! The stunning star wife recently revealed while shooting on the sets of a Colour Infinity show BFFs With Vogue, that she had actually suggested her husband move out of their Juhu residence – temporarily. What more, she also revealed her favourite sex position in bed!

It had happened during the filming of Padmaavat, when Shahid was caught up in a gruelling shooting schedule at Film City. As she tells it, “He (Shahid) would come home at 8 in the morning and wake up at 2 in the afternoon. I completely get that he needs silence during those hours because it has been a tough night, but Misha (their one-year-old daughter) is at her best at that point — wide awake and playful. Shahid wouldn’t say anything but I know it’s going to tire him and I know I can’t put too many restrictions on her either. That was getting to me at a point... and that’s when I told him that I can’t take this anymore.”

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The solution was for him to move out of their Juhu seaside home and take up residence temporarily at a five-star hotel in Goregaon, which was closer to the sets of Padmaavat. Of course, it helped in other ways too, such as avoiding the hideous traffic and allowing him time for his workout regimen as well. And kudos to her for not being the cloying star wife constantly keeping tabs on her gorgeous husband’s movements!

In the 'scary spice' segment on the show, host Neha Dhupia, asked Mira 'What's your favourite position in bed?' While Shahid hesitated and wanted Mira to skip the question but there was no holding back the Mrs. She quickly said, "I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do."

The couple has come a long way from having an arranged marriage to building their adorable family. “When we met, we were complete strangers, but once we got talking, there was no stopping us,” Shahid had shared. “We realised we were two people who could get along and always have a lot to say to each other. With time, we got to know each other more, and from friends we turned into lovers, and now we’re husband and wife, and parents to a gorgeous little girl.”

And that’s why it’s even perfectly alright to be occasionally told by the wife to shift into a hotel nearby!