1st wish by Big B, Quit Smoking and His Acting 'Fees': 8 revelations by Aamir on his birthday


After all, Aamir Khan did manage to get a small break from filming Thugs of Hindostan in Rajasthan, to fly down to be with his family and keep his date with the media on his special day. And he made lots of lovely revelations at the interaction with the Press…

1- The star, looking fit and happy in a simple tee, thanked the media for taking time out like every year to wish him in person for his birthday. “I was shooting my film and at the last minute, my plan materialized. I’m glad to have the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family,” he smiled, adding, “Kiran surprised me by landing up at the airport to pick me up.”

2- The star chatted happily about working with the redoubtable Amitabh Bachchan, saying, “I have got the chance to work with Mr. Bachchan, it's like a dream come true… A film that stars Amitji and myself is big! Hopefully, people like it.”

3- About Bachchan’s recent health scare he shared, “It’s true that he has a pain in his shoulder and back. He has a lot of action in this film too. You will be seeing him do such action after a long time. He's coping now. He was in more pain day before yesterday, but he's fine now.”

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4- He also revealed that Bachchan was the first one to wish him. “I wished for it and it came true. I was so busy shooting that I wasn’t aware of the time and suddenly Amitji’s voice came over the mic and he wished me!”

5- Aamir also shared that he is very obsessive as a person, and one bad habit he wants to junk is smoking.

6- Wife Kiran though likes him just the way he is! She smiled sweetly sharing, “I really don't want him to change.” With qualities like “his sensitivity and intelligence, his love for people and his incredibly sharp and creative mind,” she clearly is totally smitten! Aamir sounded no less thrilled to have her by his side. He smiled, “Ever since Kiran came into my life, a sense of joy and energy came into my life.”

7- He also spoke about his competition being only with himself, the fact that he does not take fees for acting but earns depending on the business his film does. His answer came when asked about Shah Rukh Khan's comment on 'actors should reduce their fees.'

8- About his next appearance on TV, the show for the Paani Foundation will appear on Zee Marathi.

All in all, a lovely interaction with the unusual, powerful and very attractive Aamir Khan on his special day!