Vogue BFF's Season 2: Malaika has never been dumped, Amrita regrets Girlfriend!


Hottie sistahs Malaika and Amrita Arora didn’t disappoint and spilled secrets on ‘BFFs with Vogue’. Here’s some of what we now know about them…

… Malaika’s ‘Go Anywhere Do Anything’ fantasy includes taking her to a beach, where “all my fantasies come alive”. Suitors, do note!

…The Arora sisters’ vocabulary includes quirky words such as ‘biggish’, ‘huge-ish’, ‘guts’, ‘liability’, ‘mess’ and ‘lurker’. What’s more, they are meant to be spoken in a particular tone!


…The fashion hack Malaika loves is seamless underwear. “Seamless panties,” to be specific!

…Despite getting loads of acting offers after her hit song, ‘Chaiya chaiya’, Malaika reveals that Amrita was the one with the acting germ. “I was never interested. She was always the actress in the house.” Amrita added that Malaika keeps asking her to get back to work, do something. “But I am doing something – I am a homemaker!”

…Malaika faced her share of cold-shoulders as a rookie model. She revealed, “I don’t think they were mean but I felt like Namrata Shirodkar and Mehr Jesia ganged up against me backstage.” Care to deny that, Namrata, Mehr?

…Amrita is utterly candid about her career gaffes. And no prizes for guessing the film she regrets doing – Girlfriend!

…Malaika was equally honest, admitting she had done some “tacky catalogue shoots”. We would love to lay hands on some of those! However, she also sportingly accepts that they paid good money, which is why she did them!

…Malaika doesn’t think Amu is her 3 am friend. In fact, she believes Amrita would have a cardiac arrest if she ever got a call at that hour!

….Sibling rivalry is alive and tickin’ when it comes to Malaika’s amazing metabolism. The one thing Amrita can’t stand about her older sister – “That you can eat a kilo of biryani and still look as bangin’ as you do!”

…Of course there’s stuff Malaika envies about Amrita too. “I hate the fact that you have better hair than me!” She also hates that Amrita talks too much!

…And the one fact about Malaika that we probably didn’t even need her to confirm: that she has never been dumped in her life!