After SA, Virat’s looking forward to Pari


Virat Kohli is not done thrashing South Africa yet. The swashbuckling Indian cricket captain has three T20s to look forward to between February 18 and 24, before Team India returns home and prepares for the tri-nation cricket series in Colombo against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from March 8 to 20. But, in between, Kohli’s full focus will be on wife Anushka Sharma’s film Pari that releases on March 2.

While the teasers and trailer of Pari have excited, intrigued and chilled viewers everywhere because of Anushka’s nightmarish character with the creepy smile, the poster boy of Indian cricket gallantly came up with an original reaction to his actress-wife’s bold home production. Declaring that he was “blown away” already, Virat said he couldn’t wait to watch his “one and only in an avatar never seen before”.


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This boost for Pari from Virat on social media came after Anushka performed her wifely duty by posting a picture of her flamboyant batsman husband on Instagram after he had played another masterful inning and saying, “What a guy!” This was followed by a heart emoticon. The couple, after their romantic Tuscany wedding in December, is no longer shy of showing affection for one another publicly after dodging questions on their relationship for years. And they so obviously and endearingly are into each other.

But, perhaps, more than anything else, Virat’s admission that behind every successful man is a woman and in his case it is Anushka had the nation going “Aww…” Virat said, “My wife has kept me going throughout the SA tour and I am grateful for that.” The captain also admitted that it was not difficult for him to come away from their fairy tale wedding and get into the SA tour. “I was away for something (marriage) which is much more important. That is a period that will always remain special for both of us. Switching back to cricket is not difficult because it is in my blood like it is for every other team member."