Swara Bhaskar - Vivek Agnihotri war of words gets ugly…


Last we heard, Swara Bhaskar was pleading for her right to have and share her opinion. “I feel I put across my point of view in a polite and respectful manner. I did not have any vicious intent. I had legitimate questions after watching the film and I raised those,” she had said, defending her open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali about her issues with Padmaavat. She had felt that the film glorified the practice of jauhar, while speaking of the freedom of speech and women’s empowerment in her missive.

Given the times we live in, she would be mistaken for imagining her statement would stem the outrage her letter has sparked off!

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Now filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has joined the free-for-all, writing, “We have interviewed many ‘ex-naxal’ women in Bastar. Each has gut-wrenching stories to tell, full of abuse, rape and misogyny. If they marry, they aren’t allowed to have children. I think fake feminist @ReallySwara must make a trip to understand how the Real Vagina feels like. What women need to understand that it’s because of the fake feminists like @ReallySwara that the feminist movement gets jeopardized. You just can’t piss off people and win the most critical war of modern times – the gender empathy.”

Vivek was referring to Swara’s claim that she had felt “reduced to a vagina” after watching the film. His suggestion has sparked off an angry reaction from Swara, who responded hotly… “I’m sorry did you just suggest that I go get myself raped? Like seriously? You typed out this tweet Vivek? I’d say pretty low and sick even by your own abysmal standards of conduct & civility.”

Ouch! But Vivek Agnihotri was back with his defence, saying, “Why is it that whenever we talk about empathy and understanding, fake feminists like @ReallySwara can only think of rape? You can say whatever you want, they end up translating it only with their sexually perverted dictionary.”

This will not be the last of the storm that Swara has kicked up!