“I feel validated now that the film has come out” : Shahid


Padmaavat has been a smashing box office release is putting it mildly. Like Deepika predicted the movie to have an "earth-shattering success", it's even bigger for the very star cast who were in the movie! And in a recent interview, Maharawal Ratan Singh a.k.a. Shahid Kapoor had a lot to say about the film. Check it out!

About the film: 

It’s been a very turbulent journey and emotionally very very draining and tiring. I feel validated for the fact that the film has come out and people have said so many beautiful things about the film. Not a single person has walked out and said ‘No, it was not right.’ You feel good about the fact that the intent with which the film was made has been seen and people have loved it.

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On playing the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh:

It was one of the biggest risks of my career. To take up a role where for one and a half year nobody knew what it is and for whatever reason it was kept like that. So many people told me ki ‘Yaar tu ye picture kyu kar raha hai?’ & ‘People don’t even know your role in the film’.

When the film released I waited for 2 days to see what the people will say. I feel grateful and thankful. I knew my character is an underdog in the film and so I’m happy that the hero of the film was given that love because out of the three characters people know a lot about Padmavati and Khilji. Nobody knew about Maharawal Ratan Singh.

Has the bar been raised for the actor?

It's not about better or worse. It's about different I think that’s the operative word for me. Every role and every film offer you different opportunities and you should fall truthfully on that option. Never bring personal aspirations into what is required for a film. Do something that is beneficial for the film.

On working with Deepika: 

We’ve had offers which have come and gone and somehow we've never been able to say yes to a film together. when this film happened, sir [Bhansali] told and I said yes. After 10 years we're finally doing a film and this is a film which is worthy. In fact I remember sir saw the film and the minute he got up he looked back and said "I want you and Deepika to do another film together."

On working with Bhansali:

After 15 years of work, I felt like a newcomer here. The more time you spend with him, the more beneficial it is for you as an actor. The more time you spend with him, the more you understand. And the more you understand, he brings out what you have as an actor. This film has been very little of what we can share together. It was great fun. It's like working with a mad genius!

On feeling overshadowed by aggressive characters:

I don't know. When I did Jab We Met, I felt it. This time, I haven't felt it. You have to empower whatever character you get. And you have to play different characters. It was tough and it was on my mind but after the film released, I got so much love I was like 'No'.