Farhan to team up with Sanjay Dutt? We love this combo already

Now here’s a pairing that we would never have thought of – but thanks Ajay Devgn for already putting this interesting plan in motion!

Apparently, the actor who will produce the remake of the Tamil black comedy cum action drama Jigarthanda (2014), has plans to cast Sanjay Dutt and Farhan Akhtar in this Nishikant Kamat directorial. Now that would be a combo to tickle our fancy!

The film, which was written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj, is based on an interesting premise - an aspiring director who achieves fame after making a film on a real-life gangster, and then turns out just like him eventually!

Incidentally, when Devgn and the film’s co-producer Abhinav Shukla had bought the rights of the film last year, the casting plan was altogether different. Director Nishikant was eager to see Ajay himself in the role of the don, with Arjun Kapoor playing the role of the director. It didn’t work out and we do think the new casting plan scores way higher on interest value. While Ajay will stay behind the scenes as producer, Sanjay Dutt has been sounded out for the ruthless don’s role – who better than the Deadly Dutt?! For the role of the aspiring filmmaker, apparently the team has approached Farhan Akhtar, who would make an interesting foil to Dutt’s earthy avatar.

Apparently, the story has already been narrated to the two actors and it has met with their approval. They are now awaiting the final narration of the script by next month. Ajay Devgn has confirmed that they are working on the script and that the film will start in January-February. “It is a fabulous story. It is not going to be an exact copy of the film (Jigarthanda), we will change things. But at the same time, quite a lot of stuff will be similar,” he vouched.

Maintaining that he was too occupied with work to act in this action drama, he adds that Farhan and Sanjay are extremely apt for the film. He also added that his production house makes five to six films and it was not possible for him to do all the films. “I have to be honest to the story and cast actors who suit the parts. My intention is to stay true to the story,” he pointed out. We don’t need any convincing now, do we!