Daddy Udit defends abusive Aditya


Aditya Narayan needn’t worry. With doting daddy Udit Narayan waiting to kiss his tears and fears away, he could probably behave just as badly as he wishes and still be assured of his father’s complete support.

The singer-TV host had been captured on camera in a heated fracas over payment of excess baggage charges at Raipur airport, and was seen threatening staff with dire consequences once back in Mumbai. And instead of a firm reprimanding, Udit has now come forward to say he couldn’t believe it when he heard about the incident involving his son. ‘Aditya is not like that at all,’ he maintains, adding that as their only child, he and wife Deepa have brought up Aditya with the right values. In fact, he reveals that he found it difficult to even believe the incident till someone showed him the videos (thank god for cameras in phones!)

Udit, one of the most popular voices in Hindi playback in the ’90s, tries playing down the incident, shrugging, “What can I say? We’ve all lost our cool at the airport at some point or another. Aditya was unfortunate enough to have been caught on video.” Really, Mr. Narayan? Do you even hear yourself?

He makes a half-hearted attempt to sound just… but utterly fails. If Aditya has misbehaved it is wrong, he maintains, and he will apparently make him issue a public apology as soon as he gets back to Mumbai. Aditya is very scared and nervous now, he says, adding that what’s making it worse is that the attack is coming in from all corners, ‘as though he has committed a major crime’. Yes, Mr. Narayan, in your world perhaps verbal abuse and threatening to strip the underwear off a man who is just doing his job, does not constitute a crime. And you probably also condone bragging and womanising as things a boy will do at his age. But maybe it is time to get rid off those rose-tinted glasses. True love should not be blind.