Sahil Khan accuses ex Mr India contest winner Manoj Patil of selling fake steroids, says he is not responsible for his attempt to suicide


Sahil Khan, known for starring in films like StyleXcuse Me and Ramaa: The Saviour, was accused by former Mr India contest winner Manoj Patil of harassment and defamation. The matter came to light after Manoj attempted suicide at his residence in Mumbai on Thursday. The bodybuilder had written a letter to the Oshiwara Police demanding an FIR against Sahil. Now, as Manoj remains in Cooper Hospital in a critical state, Sahil came out in the open to present his statement. He held a press conference on Thursday and said he is not involved in the case. Sahil made it clear that the whole case is around Manoj and a person named Raj Faujdar. 

During the press conference, Sahil told the media, "First of all, committing suicide is a crime in India. Manoj should understand that. Raj has transaction receipts of Rs 2 lakhs with Manoj's name mentioned on it and not mine. If I come and sell drugs outside your house and if you put that up on social media, would I be able to say that you are bullying me? I have spoken the truth, that which Raj Faujdar shared with me. I have just uploaded that on my social media."

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Sahil said he will take legal action now and added that nobody wants to talk about the real issue. "I will take legal action now. First I thought if I put it on social media then at least Manoj will think about it and return Raj's money as soon as possible. No one wants to talk about the real issue, but everyone is reporting that a person committed suicide because of Sahil Khan," he added. 

The actor shared, "Our lawyers are working on the situation now and we will file a complaint. This is a big racket, the FDI might also be involved in this. Those who are manufacturing fake supplements should be punished. And if I have committed a crime, then I should get punished too."

During the press conference, Sahil revealed that Manoj sold fake steroids that affected his health. As per a news portal's report, Sahil said, "When I asked money from Manoj Patil after he sold me fake steroid, he said he will return it in some time but 2-3 years passed. When I called him 20-25 days ago, he hurled abuses at me. I am having a problem with my stomach (due to fake steroids). He even threatened me. I have all the recordings of the calls. I did not file a complaint with the police, as I wanted my money back." 

(Source: Times Of India/ India Today)