After 10 full months, Amit Tandon’s wife Ruby to be finally released from Dubai jail


It is heartening news for Indian Idol Season One contestant and actor of Colours’ Kasam Tere Pyaar fame, Amit Tandon and his dermatologist wife, Ruby Tandon. She has been granted relief by the Dubai courts. Soon she will be released from Dubai’s Al Rafa jail.

Since the past 10 months, Amit has been struggling to get his wife freed. Amit had knocked on the doors of the Indian embassy in Dubai, and every other source of possible help – however, there was no response. The court had also denied bail twice. Even now it could be a while before Ruby is released from jail. According to the Indian embassy, whenever Ruby is summoned she will have to appear before the court. Besides this, a sum of around Rs.10 lakh will have to be deposited with the court.

According to the laws of Dubai, any attempt to threaten or influence a government official is considered a serious matter. Ruby Tandon had been accused of threatening the officials of the Dubai Health Authority. Ruby had been arrested at the Dubai airport when she sought to return to India.

Incidentally, last year, Amit’s 10-year marriage had gone kaput, and he and wife Ruby had been living separately for a while. Just when the two were contemplating divorce, Ruby had been arrested by the Dubai police in August for allegedly threatening government officials.

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Ruby is the founder of the Afterglow Advanced Laser Centre, which is a hi-tech clinic for skin treatments. A Canadian citizen, she completed her post-graduate studies in medical physiology from the University of Chicago. Amit and Ruby had met on a social networking site called Friendster.

At the time of her arrest, Amit had said, “A few influential people and some competitors who could not stand to see Ruby's success, as Dr Ruby, who is a top notch dermatologist and has clients from Bollywood and Hollywood. There are false accusations against her due to which she has been held on remand for almost a month.”

He had added, “All I can say is that she is completely innocent. I just want people to pray for her. Our seven-year-old daughter Jiyanna is with me right now. But every child longs to be with her mother. So, I am hoping that the mother-daughter will reunite soon.”

Hopefully it is finally time…