Karma is a Bitch: Watch Sahil Khan lash out at Ayesha Shroff on his Youtube Channel


Tiger Shroff's mom Ayesha Shroff's legal and personal tiff with ex-business partner and ex-boyfriend Sahil Khan is now a known fact. Though the two of them had decided to stop the mudslinging a couple of years back, their name cropped up again in the Call Detail Records scam. Apparently, the police suspected that Ayesha Shroff may have, at the time, monitored Sahil's call details, illegally.


Sahil today took to his channel and publicly voiced his opinion on the matter.

He said, "Today's episode is a little sensitive. I will not be able to talk much about it. It is 21 March, 3 PM. The press is calling me. Media is asking me all sorts of questions. Police are investigating Ayesha Shroff as she was recording my phone details."

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He said, "Why was she doing it? What was she looking for? This is a very big crime she was committing. The news is now everywhere, in papers, tabloids and TV as well. I don't know why it happened, when it happened. I have moved on."

He added, "I have forgotten it...well not forgotten but I have forgiven her. I don't know what her plans were. I am telling you because you guys always support me. We are a team, like a family. So this is an update for you all. This is a proof of my love to you, that is why I am talking to you guys. Lets see what happens in the future. I don't know what I will do, I will talk to my lawyer, my PR team, maybe also have a press conference. Karma is a bitch. What goes around, comes around. I had forgotten it, but Karma had other plans. I will update you guys on whatever is happening."

Well, what do you think of that?