India Couture Week 2021: Amit Aggarwal says it with earth, water, air and flair


Poignant poetry and earthy emotions caressed you as you viewed Amit Aggarwal’s showcase of his ‘Metanoia’ collection for India Couture Week, presented by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). “Are you alive? Can you breathe? Can you touch me? Do you feel anything? If you can, you and I, we are the same. But were we always? I’m not so sure! For forty years of my life, my breath was free, my touch acceptable and I felt I was alive. Until the time when all of this was taken away from me. My being ceased to each singular breath. Tomorrow was just a hope,” voices the couturier, who encourages you to join him as three of his long lost friends - Earth, Water and Air - take him on a journey.

What unfolds before you are 35 unique styles and silhouettes in colours ranging from moss, sage, forest green, roseate, azalea, lisianthus, taffy, mulberry, fuchsia to eggplant and indigo. This exquisite and elaborate collection brings emotion to garments using intricate materials like glass fibre, raffia palm and optic fibre to spin architectural structures into fluid ensembles.

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The natural environment engulfs you as you see the showcase of hand painting through marbling pattern over discarded PVC and handwoven polymer with the process of hand painting also applied in gradient over tulle and silks. The collection highlights the use of metallic polymers, used for intricate pleating, 3D hand embroidered threadwork and metallic cording in detailed silhouettes which are structured yet fluid, personifying hope, acceptance and new paths.

Yes, Amit Aggarwal takes you on a personal journey of what it means to resurge and redefine yourself, in a collection of meticulously embellished lehengas, saris, gowns, capes and dresses. It’s a rich and ravishing resurgence, indeed.