November 03, 2017
BB 11: Nov 2 - High voltage drama between Vikas and Shilpa

The fight between Vikas and Shilpa have taken the ugliest turn possible.  Vikas was anyways feeling lonely in the house since morning. He feels that everyone is ganging up on..... Read More

November 02, 2017
BB 11: Nov 1 - It’s all about the Money, Honey!

The cushion task continued in today’s episode. Vikas and Puneesh discussed how they will circulate the money. Arshi took a dig at Akash and told everybody how he has gone..... Read More

November 01, 2017
BB 11: Oct 31st - It's Vikas vs Shilpa in luxury budget task

Relationships follow the direction of the wind in the house is a known fact by now. Something similar was seen in the luxury budget task yesterday. Bigg Boss called Vikas Gupta..... Read More

October 31, 2017
BB 11: Oct 30th - Luv is the new captain of the house

Competition for the next captain of the house continued and Sapna was the latest to join Bandgi and Luv as Jyoti got nominated yesterday. Sapna, however, could not sustain for..... Read More

October 30, 2017
BB 11: Oct 29 - Weekend ka Vaar- Commoner Jyoti Kumari evicted

Weekend ka Vaar started on a funny note with Salman telling the audience how the girls in the house sort their parlour regime. Salman used a wax strip on his..... Read More

October 29, 2017
BB 11: Oct 28 - Weekend ka POWER!

This time Salman Khan was not shown getting ready for the secret room he has in the house for him, in fact, he directly entered the stage. The show began..... Read More

October 28, 2017
BB 11: Oct 27- Priyank Sharma re-enters the house, fully loaded

The show began with Puneesh and Arshi talking about Luv and poking fun at Hina Khan and the way she is handling the captaincy. Just when everybody is busy with..... Read More