I had to sell off my house & car, didn't want to live in uncertainty, insecurity, and constant anxiety: Rubina Dilaik on being falsely penalised by producer


Rubina Dilaik is currently ruling television. The Bigg Boss 14 winner, now a popular face, had to clear several obstacles before making it big in the vast entertainment industry. In an interview with an entertainment portal, Rubina opened up about not receiving payments for over 9 months from the production house of a daily soap in which she played the central role. 

Rubina told the portal, "My payments were due for nine months. I used to call my production house and producers, visit their office and plead them to pay me because I had to pay EMIs for my house." After waiting patiently for their reply, Rubina asked them to meet her once to understand what was happening.

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The actress further revealed that the production house sent her a ledger and despite no fault of hers, she had to pay a penalty of Rs.16 lacs in 2011. "I get this ledger sort of thing with uplinks,  which you file when the shoot gets delayed and you have to pay a penalty. My uplinks were worth 16 lakhs, in 2011. And honestly, none of the events were true. There were nine such events that were written. I remember I got an insect bite while shooting and had a fever for 2-3 hours. Even that event was written in the ledger and the money that was deducted for that two hours of delay of the shoot was almost 1.45 lakhs. So I have paid all of that out of my pocket," Rubina said. 

Rubina added that to pay the penalty, she had to sell off her two houses and her car. "I was devastated. I had to sell off my house. My very own house in the city of dreams. I had two houses at that point in time, I had to sell them off because I was way behind my commitments. I was way behind my EMIs. I sold off my car. From then I decided, no Mercedes and BMWs, it’s okay. I don’t want to live in uncertainty, insecurity, and constant anxiety," the actress shared. 

(Source: Bollywood Bubble)