Jasmin Bhasin expresses disappointment over COVID-19 situation in India, reveals her 'old father was running around to find medical care' for her mother


India is experiencing a tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The second wave of Coronavirus is deadlier than the first one. People in the country are struggling to provide good medical care to their loved ones. From lack of hospital beds to depleting oxygen supply, the condition is grim. As India continues the fight against COVID-19, Jasmin Bhasin recalled the struggle her father had to face to find medical care for her mother. 

Jasmin, on Twitter, said, "Disappointed and heartbroken. Everyday deaths, people on streets trying to find beds and oxygen. My own mother was in the same situation two days back where finding a bed was a task. My old father was running around to find medical care for her, many are going through same."


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In another tweet, she asked, "People are losing their loved ones, family. Who do we blame? Has our system failed?"

Jasmin is currently in Jammu with her beau Aly Goni and his family. 

(Source: Twitter)