Gauahar Khan trolled for not condoling Hina Khan's father's demise, actress says 'don’t need to prove anything to silly people'


Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan entered Bigg Boss 14 as seniors and delighted their fans with the bond they shared. After their 2 weeks long stint ended, they lavished praise on each other during interviews. On April 20, Hina lost her father due to a massive cardiac arrest. Gauahar, who shares a heart-to-heart connection with Hina, didn't post a condolence message on social media. Recently, when Gauahar hosted an Instagram live, a follower asked the actress that why didn't she condole Hina's father's demise. 

Hitting back at the troll, Gauahar, angrily, said, "I am not a fake person to put it out only on social media. What I had to do, I did it. My connection with Hina is from my heart and I don’t need to prove my connection to really silly people like you. So, please keep your negativity to yourself and don’t bring it here. I am an individual and I take my decisions on a personal level. What I feel and how I feel, I react accordingly, and I will always do that."


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Gauahar, who was in a good mood, lost her calm and said she doesn't need to prove anything to 'silly people'. "Thoda sharam karlo yaar, besharam log! I have her dad in my prayers, her in my prayers, and I don’t need to prove anything to silly people like you, who only live your lives on social media and think just by putting a condolence on social media, you are feeling something, that’s not true. When you feel, you feel. And, when you feel, you reach out to the person. You don’t have to prove it to the ‘janta’ (public), understand.. This just makes me so angry," she said. 

On March 5, Gauahar lost her father Zafar Ahmed Khan. During the live session, she hit back at people who slammed her for posting dance videos and pictures post the personal loss. "I lost my dad a month and a half ago and people were so quick to judge. ‘Oh, you are already posting stuff. You are already putting pictures and dance videos.’ Do you people even know what it takes to get over a loss? Do you know that a person doesn’t need to sit like this and wonder ‘Oh my God, I am losing somebody.’ You can’t do that," Gauahar told. 


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She further added, "In Islam, you can’t grieve for more than three days. You can’t cry and be in sadness for more than three days. You have to move on, you have to live your life, you have to carry on with the love of the person that you’ve lost. So, you keep your judgements to yourself and let people be, the way they want to heal, the way they want to come out of things, the way they want to function, stop judging people. Live and let live."

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