YRKKH fame Divya Bhatnagar's husband Gagan refutes his mother-in-law's claim of absconding, says 'she was always against our marriage'

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's Divya Bhatnagar, who played the role of house help in the show, was recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is in a critical situation in a Mumbai's hospital. Divya's mother had revealed that her husband Gagan had ditched her and was absconding. Now, Gagan has come forward to put across his point and revealed that 'this is all rubbish and they are very much together'. 

Gagan said, "There is a lot being said about me these days. I am Divya's husband and my name is Gagan. There's a lot written about me everywhere that I am a fraud, I am absconding and my mother asked Divya's mom that if she needs any monetary help she will help her. I just want to tell everyone one thing that all this is rubbish and please don't believe them. The truth is I was out of Mumbai because of work. I work in production and everyone knows that our profession requires us to travel out a lot, but I and my family were always in touch with Divya. When Divya fell ill and was tested COVID positive I was out because of work. Her friend got her admitted to hospital and contacted her family. She tried to contact me but since I was in no network area she could reach me. She was in regular touch with my mother. Her family reached out to Divya. I would like to clear that Corona doesn't happen because of any mental pressure, it is pandemic and everyone around the world is hit by the disease. The most important thing right now is Divya's health and her life. The things that are being spread about me like I am a fraud, I am not helping her financially, I am absconding are false."


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He questioned Divya's mother, "I just want to ask one question: am I responsible behind Divya getting COVID positive. When I was out of Mumbai because of work and now I am back why I am not allowed to meet her. I tried contacting the hospital and also tried other ways to reach Divya but we are told that we are not allowed to speak or contact her. I tried to reach out to her through many friends but I am not able to. Divya's mother and brother are spreading things about me and I don't care what matters to me is what Divya thinks about me. I am not absconding."

He further added, "I want to ask Divya's mother where they were all these six years. Did they ever bother what she is eating, wearing, surviving, living? Now, suddenly they have appeared and they are calling me fraud because they were always against my marriage. People can go and read on the internet last year's story where it was clearly mentioned that we had got married against our parent's wishes. We were in a live-in relationship for five years and got married last year. We are a very married couple and a lot of followers, friends, and common friends know about it. A lot of our common friends, who regularly met us, came home, they know about our relationship. Divya's mother and brother were never there for her. I have a lot of things to expose but I don't have time nor do I intend to malign anyone's image."

Gagan has raised serious questions and has requested Divya's mother to not spread lies, "Today, I am not able to live in my own house. Divya's mother and brother have forcefully taken my house and are not letting me meet my wife. They are not letting me speak to her. They are inside my house and not letting me enter my own house. You tell me how to reach out to my wife. I am a very regular person. I am not a celebrity, actor, producer that my voice will be heard. The only way I can reach out to people is through social media. I have proof of chats and videos where it is clearly shown that I and my mother were in regular touch with Divya when she was on ventilator. I am very thankful for that person who allowed us to reach Divya. I would request her brother and mother not to spread lies. Divya's life is more important than your ego and attitude. Divya has not got ill because of me, she is suffering from Corona, it has got nothing to do with our relationship. Since, last six years we have been supporting each other and surviving. I am requesting everyone to pray for Divya. She is in critical condition. Please pray for her. I am requesting her mother to stop spreading lies. I am her husband, I am not in a living relationship. I have always been there for her and will be in future too."