'I am not selling vegetables to earn my living, making videos to motivate people,' clarifies Salman Khan's 'Dabangg 3' co-star Javed Hyder


Actor Javed Hyder aka Master Javed made headlines recently as his video of selling vegetables on a cart went viral in no time. Many jumped to the conclusion that Javed was trying to make ends meet by turning a vendor since some actors openly came out and said they were facing financial crunch amid the lockdown. Adding to this, Dolly Bindra took to her twitter handle to share the video and captioned it as, "He is an actor aaj woh sabzi bech raha hain javed hyder". However, Javed clarified that this is not true and immediately corrected her. Now, the actor has opened up about how he is blessed to survive without work during the lockdown and is even helping a few friends. He also added that he is making these videos only to motivate people. 

"I am not selling vegetables. I am an actor by profession and currently because of lockdown, I am not doing anything. As an actor to keep myself busy and occupied I started making musical videos on an App. My daughter was using that App and she encouraged me to make some videos. Everyone is dealing with stress. People are committing suicide, they are facing financial crunch, they don't have work, seeing the situation that we all are in currently in I thought of making videos. I know so many artists who are dealing with lack of work. So, initially, I started off by putting a few videos with good messages. Then one day I took permission from a vegetable vendor and shot a video with his (thela) vegetable cart. Suddenly, the video started doing well and it crossed over 1 million views. I was very happy and the actor in me who was very sad because of the lockdown got excited. After that I started making videos to motivate people that no job is small. Today, with God's grace I don't have any monetary issues, but if at all it happens in future I won't shy from selling vegetables as no job is small," said Javed.

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The actor also went on to confirm that he did try to reach out to Dolly Bindra to clarify that he is not a vegetable vendor and is just making videos to motivate people, "A lot of people commented on my video thanking me that I have encouraged them to not give up in life, they actually thought I was facing financial crunch. There were so many positive messages. The second video also got viral. Then one day my friend called me and informed me about Dolly Bindra's tweet that I have no work and hence I am selling vegetables. I read her message on social media and replied to her that the information is wrong and I am an actor and not a vegetable vendor. I continued to make videos as I saw it is motivating people to earn and I felt if I am able to touch a few people's life through this video, there's nothing wrong in it," he said.

When asked how he is surviving in the lockdown, Javed said, "The last big film I did was Dabangg 3 and it was a super hit. We shifted to a new flat in March first week and soon the lockdown was announced. We were shell shocked initially because we had just shifted and we had exhausted a lot of money. Then, there were a few friends who were going through a tough time so I decided to help them too. Because I thought the lockdown would be lifted after 21 days, but it continues for four months now. Also I am an actor. At the end of the day,I was getting frustrated because I wanted to work. That's when I started making these videos. But thankfully we had savings and money."

(Source: ETimes)