People think that actors are rich but not all earn in crores: Renuka Shahane on actress-friend Nupur Alankar's financial crisis amid COVID-19 pandemic


Renuka Shahane recently requested people to help her good friend and TV actress Nupur Alankar, who is currently facing financial distress amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Nupur’s savings have been stuck in the scam-hit Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) bank and now with no work due to the lockdown, she is facing a tough time. Her mother also needs immediate medical attention. 

After urging people to help Nupur, Renuka has now said that even actors face financial trouble at times because not every actor earns in crores. “So many people across India are facing financial trouble, not just actors. I have known Nupur for years, she is a khuddar girl and her problem stems from the PMC bank. If she could access her fixed deposits she would be okay. It is a horrible situation to be in and combined with Covid-19, which added to her troubles as she was managing her expenses. But the lockdown has affected the entertainment industry in a huge manner as we can’t work from home. Most actors don’t ask for help publicly as there are NGOs and even religious charitable institutions that help out.”

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Renuka said she is glad that things are looking up for Nupur, who informed her that she has been getting help from people and hopes to raise Rs 6 lakh that she needs for her mother soon. The actor-director added, “Many people feel ke actor hai and help maang rahi hai, which is embarrassing too, but not all actors earn in crores. The real situation is unlike the perception that once you are an actor, you are set for life. There is so much competition in the industry and many actors and technicians are forced to stay at home without work for months and if they don’t manage their money in a smart manner, then it is a tough situation for many. Today, due to the lockdown, everyone is in a bad situation and while some might be fine today, they are worried about the future.”

(Source: Hindustan Times)