For once, I wasn’t worried about how I looked: Aahana Kumara feels wearing prosthetics for 'Betaal' was liberating


While her performance in the latest web series, Betaal, was being lauded, Aahana Kumra’s look in the series also managed to grab a lot of attention. The actress was seen with a scar on her face, and a lot of effort was invested in getting it right. 

Aahana stated that it took about two hours every day to do the prosthetics. the look curated by Rebecca Butterworth and Karolina Kuzniak, the make-up required a lot of effort from the artistes, as well as, Aahana. The actress shot for the show in Lonavla, Igatpuri and Mumbai and she said there was tremendous learning for her, thanks to the prosthetics.


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“When I signed the show, I didn’t know I’ll have a scar on my face and I’ll have to wear prosthetics for 45-odd days of shoot. I didn’t know until then what wearing prosthetics was like. Once the shoot started, I realized how careful an artiste needs to be while wearing prosthetics. Firstly, I couldn’t sweat. We were shooting in 45 degrees temperature and it was an army show. There was heat, dust, and sometimes it would rain and there was a thick mist, but I had to make sure that my make-up wasn’t spoilt, or else it would take another 2 hours to do it all over again. I learned a lot on the job because of the prosthetics,” said Aahana.

She added that the experience changed her as an artist and she learnt how to do away with her inhibitions. “It’s a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience. It would take sticking, painting, and other things. The first day when I walked out of my vanity, everyone stopped and stared at me. It felt uncomfortable with people looking at your face in a way that something was wrong with it." 

But I got used to it. I don’t think that (her look) ever affects my performance. I was only focused on getting the shot right. It was very liberating, because for once, as an actress, I wasn’t worried about how I looked. When I saw the end result, I was blown. It’s rare that you see actresses sport a look like that. It’s been great learning. I’m tremendously grateful to the makers of the show,” she continued.