From Deepika Singh to Hina Khan, here’s how TV actors celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan


On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, small screen actors remember fond memories of the siblings and the commitment towards their families.

Here’s what they said:

Deepika Singh: Deepika Singh celebrated Raksha Bandhan a little in advance with her brother. The actress shared a social media post in which she revealed that her brother won’t be in Mumbai on the festive occasion. The actress shared pictures from their small celebration at home.

Alongside her post, Deepika wrote, "Pre Raksha Bandhan celebration with my brother, as he is going to Delhi for Independence Day celebration. Happy Rakhee is advance everyone."

Check out her post:

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Hina Khan: Hina celebrated the occasion in advance with her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal's family. Pictures of their get together and the adorable moments they shared were posted on Instagram by Hina and the couple looks adorable together in happy family pictures.

Aniruddh Dave: I am planning to go to Jaipur, my film has just released and I am getting an appreciation for the role and my sister too liked the film. I intend to surprise her and I would be buying her a dress. In Jaipur during Rakshabandhan a lot of cousins gather so it is a family affair always, I remember once all the cousins were at one place and we had a blast.

Shashank Vyas: I have a sister she's married and stays in Jodhpur. I try to visit her on Rakshabandhan and if not she couriers me the rakhi and I transfer cash so that she can buy whatever she likes. I remember one Raksha Bandhan I went to watch a film with my friends and came home late; she saved from my parents scolding and beatings.

Ssharad Malhotra: Mostly, I will fly to Kolkata for a day as it is my first rakhi post marriage. Coincidently, it's 15th August national holiday too. I would like to gift her perfumes which I bought from Europe for her. In my childhood, I used to collect money in my piggy bank and also take some money from my mother and buy chocolates for her.

Mrunal Jain and Rashami Desai: Actors Mrunal Jain and Rashami Desai, who met on the sets of their show Uttaran and has been brother-sister since then. “We both got this feeling of getting on the sets of Uttaran, a few years ago. I am very close to Rashami since day one. We share a brother-sister bond. She is a nice person and is very down to earth. We mostly speak in Gujarati with each other. She has never made me feel that I am only her co-star. We always worked as a family. Whenever I am not well or I am feeling low, she calls me unexpectedly. Her intuition is quite strong as far as I am concerned. I am blessed as I have an angel to take care of me unconditionally in the form of my sister. She tied me rakhi to me for the first time last year and I was very excited. I gifted her clothes, accessories and a silver coin. She is a born winner, sharp, caring, a girl with a golden heart.”

Avneet Kaur: My brother is more like my best friend and he has supported me through everything that I have wished for in life. He has always had my back and protected me from any harm that came my way. On this day, we have a tradition where my mother prepares ‘Aaloo Poori’ for breakfast and that is the perfect way we all kick start the day.”

Recalling a funny habit of her brother, she said that Jaijeet usually gets really troubled around Raksha Bandhan as he has to put in a lot of thought into buying her a gift. But this Raskha Bandhan not only did he buy her a gift but surprised her while she was hospitalized. To this she added, “Things have been rough lately and Jaijeet did the sweetest thing to bring a smile on my face. My Raksha Bandhan gift was given to me early this year in the form of a surprise and it is a beautiful bracelet. I was speechless and elated at the same time. With my brother by my side, I couldn’t ask for anything else in life. I’m blessed to have such an amazing brother, my friend and my forever partner in ‘masti’.”

Akshita Mudgal: I believe, my brother, Abhishek, is also an incarnation of my father. I vividly remember the times when we were kids and our entire family would gather at my Dadaji’s house and it used to be a grand celebration where all the sisters would form a line to tie their colorful rakhis to their brothers. It was an occasion I eagerly waited for as it was the day were all the cousins would huddle up and look forward to the gifts they would receive.

My brother once even pulled a prank on me where he pretended that he couldn’t buy a gift for me on Raksha Bandhan. I was really upset as that is one of the most important days of the year for me. Later, he surprised me by gifting me a gorgeous handbag.

Akshay Kelkar: Raksha Bandhan holds a really sentimental value in my life. My sister, Shraddha and I never need a reason to fight and our relationship is completely similar to Tom and Jerry. It is almost customary that we end up fighting right before this day but we always resolve our fight before the ceremony.

We have a tradition that we follow where my mother cooks delicious and an elaborate meal while my sister takes it upon herself to prepare the sweets. I make sure to buy her something that she would cherish and this year will not be any different. I have always been inclined towards art and it fills me with joy and pride that my sister also decided to pursue the same field. She is an art teacher and I am really proud of her. Now that I’m a part of the television industry and my schedule is really uncertain, I look at her and she reminds me of the days when I used to paint. She is a phenomenal artist and she inspires me.

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