Father's Day Special: Aashka Goradia, Faisal Khan and others share the fondest memory with their father


It has been quite a while but the memory is still etched in his mind like it was yesterday, the day when he held your tiny hands and helped you take your first steps. A father has a plethora of memories to pick from for his little one, but as we celebrate Father's Day today, stars from the telly world take a walk down the memory lane of their childhood and share the fondest memory of them with their father.

  1. Aashka Goradia: My father used to love travelling, and so as a child he would make me travel everywhere with him! And if I ever got tired, he would pick me up on his shoulders and continue with our travelling around different places, while I got to sit on his shoulders and enjoy all of that! Which is one of my most fond memories. RECOMMENDED READ: MADE TO COME ACROSS AS A LESBIAN ON A BIGG BOSS THROUGH EDITING TRICKS: AASHKA GORADIA
  2. Rytasha Rathore: As a child, when I saw my dad shave off his beard for the first time, I just couldn't stop laughing! He looked so weird without it, and it was just a hilarious moment for me to see him without his mustache! That day is still etched very well in my memory, and something which we till date laugh about.
  3. Shantanu Maheshwari: Some of the best memories that my brother and I share with our father are back home in Kolkata, when he would walk us to the bus stop every morning for school. It was quite a long walk and he would make the most of it by talking to us about our lives and how we are taking them forward, and just a lot of meaningful conversation, which as a child I would always look forward to!
  4. Mishal Raheja: I have too many memories with my father. As a child and in my growing up years, all my world travels have been with my dad. I used to skip school and travel all around the world with him where we made some of the best memories ever!
  5. Faisal Khan: As a child I remember that whenever my father would leave home to go to work, I would always obstruct his way and try and stall him from going to work, which would eventually waste a lot of his time and he would end up leaving late for work because of that. So one day it angered him so much that he was leaving late for work daily because of me, that he gave me one such yelling of a lifetime that day, which I think it still etched in my memory very well! It was actually quite funny post that, as dad and I both laughed over it! But one memory which will always stay with me.