After abusing on tweets and call, Kapil files complaint against the journalist for alleged extortion


On Friday, the ace comedian Kapil Sharma went on a Twitter rant abusing the editor of a web portal for apparently publishing ‘fake news’ about him. Following the tweets, he called the editor and had a verbal spat with him. Now, news comes in that the comedian has filed a complaint against his former managers and the editor.

According to a leading news agency, “Kapil Sharma filed a police complaint against his ex-managers Neeti, Preeti and journalist for trying to extort Rs 25 lakh from him, alleged journalist started a false & malicious propaganda to defame him in digital media after he refused to pay him the amount”.


What started as defending Salman Khan after he was convicted in the Blackbuck poaching case, went on to become a rant on media critics and fake news and how they tried to bring his reputation down. The abusive tweets from his account were deleted after a while. Following that, he tweeted again stating that the previous tweets were written by him and his team took them down.

After abusing the editor on Twitter, he called the editor and gave him a piece of his mind. The news agency reported, “Apparently he was upset about some stories against him. I was only doing my work. He called me, used abusive language & also said offensive things about my daughter. He handled his success very well but couldn't handle his drop,” the editor said.

In the latest tweet by Kapil, he posted the copies of the complaint against them. He wrote, “Some people just want to defame you for a few bucks, but it will take you ages to take stand against the wrong... I shall do it today and forever”.

Kapil has been garnering attention from his fans and media alike for all the wrong reasons. Previously, he was seen having another twitter fight with his former co-actor, Sunil Grover. A fan asked Sunil, if we will be seeing him and Kapil again on the screen in Kapil’s latest show Family Time with Kapil and Sunil replied negatively. This caught Kapil’s attention and he went on to call Sunil a liar. Earlier, as a result of another fight, his co-actors, Sunil and Ali Asgar quit the famous show Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma.