Muslim, bachelor, actor: Shireen Mirza struggles to find home

TV actress Shireen Mirza, who plays a negative role in the television show "Yeh Hain Mohabbatein", says she is struggling to find a home in Mumbai because of three factors -- she is a Muslim, a single woman, and an actor.

Shireen shared her ordeal via a message on Facebook.

"I don't deserve to get a house in Mumbai because I am M B A - Muslim, Bachelor, Actor," she captioned the lengthy post along with a photograph.

The post read: "This photograph was taken when I came here with a dream of living in Mumbai and now after spending almost eight years in this city, this is what I get to hear. Firstly, yes I am an actor and I do not smoke or drink and I have no criminal records. So, how can they judge my character on the basis of my profession.

"Second, I'm a bachelor and when I call brokers they ask me higher rents for the flats which are available saying pay extra or you won't get it since your a bachelor. My question is nuisance can be created by families too?"

Shireen also said she was told point blank that "Muslims are not preferred".

"Third, I called up another person and they ask me wether I am a Hindu or a Muslim and reverted with an answer that Muslims are not preferred. They also mentioned that take the flat on you friend's name who is not a Muslim. I mean what's in a name? There's no difference in the blood," she added.