“Don’t need to create controversies to be in limelight”: Sunil opens up on Twitter feud with Kapil


Just a few days before the launch of the new show – Family Time with Kapil, the two comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover got involved in a Twitter war. It all started when one of the fans asked Sunil Grover whether he is joining Kapil Sharma’s new show.

Sunil replied to the fan saying, “Bhai aap jaise kuch aur log bhi mujhse same poochte hain. Lekin mujhe iss show ke liye KOI call nahi aaya. Mera phone number bhi same hai. Intezar kar ke ab maine kuch aur sign kar liya kal. Aap logon ki duaon se ek acche project ke saath juda hoon. Jaldi aapke saamne Aata hoon.


However, Sunil’s response did not go well with Kapil Sharma. He replied to the tweet saying, “Paji I called u more than 100 times n came to ur house twice... every time u were out for some show and all… pls don’t spread rumours that I didn’t call u.”

Well, that’s just how it all started! Now, when the controversy popped out just a few days before the launch of Kapil Sharma’s new show, we wonder, is this just another publicity stunt?


In one of the interviews, Sunil Grover said, “See, I don’t need to create controversies to be in the limelight. I want my work to speak for me and not the controversies. Honestly, I feel that I shouldn’t have spoken anything; I should have kept quiet. This issue wouldn’t have arisen. In my tweet, I mentioned about the new show and not the old one. I wanted to say something else and people mistook it for something else.”

Addressing the controversy being called a publicity stunt, Sunil said, “It was a normal conversation between me and a fan. Many people ask me about joining Kapil Sharma’s show and that’s why I replied to him. People started assuming and it created such a big issue now. It’s really very sad.”

Talking about Kapil Sharma he said, “Kapil is a great entertainer and my best wishes are with Kapil and his entire team members. All I want to him is to stay healthy, happy and continue doing good work.”

Sunil did not hesitate to answer when he was asked if he would join the troupe, given an opportunity. He said, “Honestly, I don’t have an answer to this question. For the last few months, I have done a lot of work including events and hosting. I have also signed a project now; so I already have work in my hand.”

When questioned about his upcoming project, Sunil Grover says that he is working on a show but it will not be on television an official announcement will be made soon.