TV Celebs reveal how they’d want to celebrate Christmas as Santa

Christmas is all about sharing and loving. From decorating trees to exchanging of gifts, it’s a season of happiness and while the world is celebrating that happiness, some can’t. So, here we have a few celebs talking about who they would share happiness with if given a chance to be Santa.

Vivek Dahiya - If given a chance, I would love to be Santa to all the homeless children at MTNL Goregaon signal! I happen to see them every day when passing by, and always feel like helping them out in some way! Hence would really love to distribute Christmas goodies and food to them! And watching the smiles on their faces would definitely put a smile on mine!

Rohan Mehra - This Christmas, I would love to be a Santa to the elderly people at old age homes. They honestly need the most love and affection, and it is sad to some of them; so lonely at their age! So I would love to be their Santa, go spend some quality time with them, get to know them and spread as much joy as I can for them!

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Shantanu Maheshwari - Would love to be Santa to all the underprivileged children who are deprived of education. I strongly feel that education plays a big role in shaping you as a person, and every child should have the right to be well educated to shape their own future! Hence, I would really love to help educate those who are needy and deserve a good education!

Aishwarya Sakhuja - This Christmas I would love to be Secret Santa to all the stray animals on the streets! I anyways consider them to be my best friends, and would even in the smallest of ways want to shower on them all the possible happiness I can and make them feel loved!

Mishal Raheja - Well, this may sound funny, but I would love to be Instagram’s Santa! And happily, give everybody one million followers so that everybody is happy and can enjoy that on Christmas!