Payal Malik and Devoleena Bhattacharjee's heated exchange over polygamy sparks debate

In a recent social media exchange, Payal Malik responded fiercely to comments made by Devoleena Bhattacharjee regarding polygamous relationships, following earlier remarks by Rakhi Sawant about Armaan Malik and his unconventional idea of marriage. The tension began when Devoleena openly criticized the portrayal of polygamy on reality TV, particularly in the context of the Maliks' appearance on Bigg Boss.OTT 3. This prompted Payal Malik to defend her marriage and her husband's second marriage with her best friend, Kritika.

Payal Malik highlighted the criticism Devoleena faced for her interfaith marriage to a Muslim man, drawing a parallel to her own experiences. She stated, “Sabse pehle aap yeh dekhiye aap kitne criticise hue hai aapki shaadi ko leke. Jab apne ek Muslim guy se shaadi kari thi toh aapne bhi trolling ka saamna kiya tha. Main yhi kehna chahti hu, jab hum aapke life ke baare mein kuch nahi bol rahe toh aap bhi right nahi rakhte ho hamare relation ke baare mein bolne ke liye." (Firstly, let me remind you how much you were criticized for your marriage. When you got married to a Muslim guy, you too had to bear the brunt of trolls, didn’t you? What I am trying to say is that when we did not comment on your life, you have no right to comment on mine or my relations with anyone.)

In response, Devoleena Bhattacharjee argued that comparing polygamy to interfaith marriage is unrealistic and offensive. She asserted, “A person needs a higher level of knowledge to compare interfaith marriage with POLYGAMY, which I am sure intelligent people are quite aware of. And it's not only my right, but it's every Indian's right to stand against such an illegal act like polygamy, which they are quite proud to flaunt on national television.”

Devoleena continued her criticism by addressing the plight of women affected by polygamous relationships. She expressed concern for those who suffer daily due to what she termed "nonsense" and emphasized the importance of not spreading such practices in society. She added, “Anyways, it's a matter of individual fate. Just don't make a mockery of the lives of those poor women who suffer every day and night because of this nonsense and die a little each day. Otherwise, do whatever you want inside your home. Why stop at two? Have 2, 4, or 5 marriages. Just don't spread this disease in society. Each & Every word i said i mean it & still stand by it. And anyway it’s not new to me, people making YouTube content on me. Please do the honour.”

Devoleena further clarified her stance by defending her marriage, saying, “Also, even if my husband is Muslim he is too loyal to his wife neither he is interested in POLYGAMY and we took 4 years to understand & then got married. Not in merely 7 days. Also in both the cases. Also, a woman’s self-respect shouldn't be compromised. But I can feel you. I know you can’t understand this. Honestly I feel pity of you. But then I guess that’s how you wanted your marriage to be after seeing this. Everything could be a YouTube content for you guys. But not me. So, carry on.”

The exchange between Payal Malik and Devoleena Bhattacharjee underscores the ongoing debate surrounding polygamy and interfaith marriages, with both women staunchly defending their personal choices and beliefs.