Poulomi Das faces elimination on Bigg Boss OTT 3 after a heartfelt discussion on a past relationship

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Poulomi Das faced elimination, leaving fans and housemates emotional. Before the elimination task, Poulomi was seen engaging in a candid conversation with fellow contestant Naezy about her previous relationship.

During their chat, Naezy inquired, “He is in Italy?” Poulomi confirmed with a nod, prompting Naezy to ask, “What happened between you two? Why did you guys separate?”

Poulomi revealed, “Usne bola kaam chhod do” (He told me to quit my job). Naezy responded thoughtfully, “Had I been there, I think I would have also thought the same way. Main apne partner se kaam kyun karwaun.” Poulomi countered, “Meri khushi thi na. Mujhe kaam karne me khushi milti hai” (It made me happy. I find joy in working).

The rapper shared his perspective, saying, “Main apne partner ko kaise rakhta pata hai? Main ussko bolta ke jo kaam araha hai, woh mat karo. Jo kaam hum dono ko samajh ke decide karenge waisa kaam karo. Like a cameo or a big brand deal, which is a presentable job. I would have been treated like a princess. Usko fokat me aise industry me kaam karne nahi deta… ke bas kaam kar rahe ho, sabse mil rahe ho. Mere hisaab se, hum dono ke hisaab se jaise tumhare ethics aur desires samjhe waise kaam karo. Thoda choosy h jao. I would have told her to quit her job.”

Poulomi clarified, “You mean quality work. But he wanted me to leave my job and go there. But the point is I didn’t feel it.”

Naezy reflected on societal norms, saying, “You know men think like that. Kitna bhi main soch lu ke auraton ko azaad rakhna hai, kitna bhi main soch lu ke unko unka haq milna chahiye phir bhi ye thought aata hi hai but ye riwaaz hai. Bahut saalon se aisa hota araha hai. Achanak se ek din me nahi badal sakta. There have been females in my life, who I tried to control but hua nahi mujhse. Ek artist friend hai meri, I would study such things. Whenever she would go for meetings, I would tag along. I feel like I can get along with an artist. I want an independent woman, who would have an identity of her own.”

Shortly after this heartfelt exchange, Bigg Boss announced the elimination task, resulting in Poulomi’s exit from the show. Her departure marked a poignant moment for both the contestants and the audience, as her candid conversation highlighted the complex dynamics of relationships and independence.