He has hit me various times but I always forgave him: Madhurima Tuli reveals Vishal Aditya Singh used to be physically violent with her during their relationship


Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13 is going great guns; this season is such a hit with the audience that the makers have extended its tenure by five-week already. The fights, altercations and arguments amongst the inmates are keeping the audience hooked to the show. However, this season is also noteworthy for the increasing instances of physical violence in the house. This was the reason that led to the eviction of Madhurima Tuli from the Bigg Boss house during this weekend episode. She was evicted after she hit Vishal Aditya Singh with a frying pan to such an extent that the pan broke. 

Madhurima’s violent act left many people shocked. However, after the eviction the television actress told an entertainment portal that she was pushed to the edge by Vishal and her actions were a reaction to everything that he had subjected her to during their tumultuous relationship. She told the portal, “He has hit me various times but I always forgave him. I did not let it hamper my life or happiness as I loved him. Women forgive easily as they are in love and want to be together. I have always forgiven him. See, there are many relationships where people get physical while fighting.”

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She further added, “However, it happens inside four walls and people do not come to know. When it happens on national TV, it looks weird. Ladka marega, it is common but ladki maregi toh itni badi aafat aa gayee. (It is common for men to hit, but there was such brouhaha because a woman raised her hand.) I did not cause any physical damage, I just hit him on his butt.”

Madhurima also revealed that Vishal made her feel disgusted about herself during her stay in the BB house. She said that he constantly mocked her and kept calling her a zero and a failure due to which she lost her temper. However, she also said that she is thankful that her stint in the show is over and the fact that Salman himself realized that Vishal was ruffling her feathers. 

She said, “I cried under my banket; I cannot show my feelings to the world. My parents taught me to be strong. This game is also about sympathy card. Vishal knew it and played the game showing his emotions. If he truly loved me, he would have treated me better. I am glad Salman sir understood it.”

(Source: Bolywoodlife)