Bigg Boss 13 Day 113 Highlights: Rashami Desai calms Sidharth Shukla as he gets into a major spat with Asim Riaz during Elite Club task


The latest episode began with Mahira Sharma, Paras Chhabra and Shefali Jariwala discussing the breakfast duty assigned to Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra. Soon, fights began when Paras refused to make paranthas. The housemates began arguing at the top of their voices and Mahira constantly poked Rashami by questioning why is Asim speaking for her and then both Mahira and Paras said that he is playing the sympathy card. On the other hand, Sidharth fought with Shehnaaz Kaur Gill and told her that he wants to change his bed. Shehnaaz, in an attempt to calm the situation, injected fun into the conversation that led to the argument escalating. Rashami Desai and Mahira indulged in sarcastic banter while the former asked Sidharth for paranthas but he denied. 

Later during the day, Paras Chhabra and Asim had a tiff as the latter was asked to help Rashami. Soon, Mahira raised a question about Asim taking a stand for Rashami. Shehnaaz and Vishal Aditya Singh spoke about Madhurima Tuli. Vishal confessed that he has feelings for Madhurima. On the other hand, Mahira told Paras to not hurt Akanksha. The former said that he will not play the game according to her.


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A while later, as the fight gradually subsided and Bigg Boss announced the next Elite Club member selection task. In a form of a merry go round, 3 horses were placed in the garden area. On the first buzzer, 3 contestants had to grab their spots on the merry go round. A horse buzzer rang after which one contestant had to get down and elect other contestants as their replacement. The contestant already seated had to convince this contestant to get down. After the 4th buzzer, the 3 remaining contestants were to be declared as the contenders for the Elite Club membership.

As the first buzzer rang, Rashami got down and Vishal hopped on the horse. While changing sides, Vishal’s legs touched the ground. Sidharth noticed this and called out Asim who was the sanchalak to disqualify him from the task. He felt Sidharth was lying. An ugly fight then broke out between Sidharth and Asim, who pushed the former. Sidharth then went on to make a personal comment on Asim's father and told his team members that no one will get to participate from his team if Vishal doesn’t get off the horse. Bigg Boss asked the two to calm down and interestingly, Rashami supported Sidharth.


Hina Khan entered the house as the task ended to elect the second member of the Elite Club. Bigg Boss told her to discuss with each contestant and then take a call. Hina selected Arti Singh, Rashami and Mahira as contenders for the Elite Club membership. Moments later, Asim expressed his disagreement with the fact that Rashami supported Sidharth.

(Source: PeepingMoon)