Bigg Boss 13 Day 109 Highlights: Shehnaaz's and Mahira's parents warn them about Paras, Shefali's husband Parag reveals Himanshi is waiting for Asim outside!


Thursday’s episode on Bigg Boss 13 was all about emotions and reality check for contestants as the captaincy task continued, with their families visiting. 

The episode began with Mahira Sharma’s mom entering the house. She told Paras, “Tumhari dosti bahut pyari hai, tumhari girlfriend bhi pyari hai. Apki dosti hi rakho , kissiyan mat karo. (Your friendship is cute, your girlfriend is very nice. Keep it to friendship alone, do not kiss her).” She also asked him to stay mum when someone fights with Mahira and let her speak for herself. Mahira’s mom also told Shehnaaz, “Paras ke chakkar me jhagde mat karo. (Don’t fight because of Paras).” She then explained Mahira to be friends with Shehnaaz as she is a very innocent girl and their friendship is liked outside. 

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Shehnaaz’s father was next visitor and after he left, she told Sidharth and Mahira that he warned her against Paras. Paras tried to explain to Mahira but she was upset. Shehnaaz's father told her to not even take Paras's name as he is her biggest enemy in the house. He also explained to her to not take anything ahead with Sidharth Shukla inside the house. "Even if there are feelings involved then no need to take it ahead," he said to Shehnaaz. 

Parag came next and Shefali ran to meet him. Parag told Asim, he was his favourite. He also threatened him over fighting with Shefali. Parag said, “I am completing the circle of friendship. Someone is waiting for you. She didn’t get married.” Everyone guessed he was talking about Himanshi. Parag also said she was not married and was waiting for Asim. Asim was on cloud 9 hearing this and could not control his happiness.

The episode ended on a happy note. 

(Source: Colors TV)