Bigg Boss 13: Not evicted but Sidharth Shukla thrown out of the house for only two weeks for getting aggressive with Mahira Sharma


Recently a piece of shocking news came out for all the Bigg Boss 13 fans. It was reported that Bigg Boss will evict Sidharth Shukla due to a scuffle during a task. A video of this was also encountered in which 'Bigg Boss' was heard saying that Sidharth Shukla will not be in the house anymore. However, there’s a twist in the story!

According to the new twist, neither Sidharth will be evicted from the show nor will he be sent to the secret room. Rather, Bigg Boss will nominate him consecutively for two weeks as a punishment and warned him also.

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For the unversed, a small glimpse of the show's upcoming episode was revealed in which Shehnaz was seen as being emotional. It was seen in the video that during the 'Godam' task, the family members fought among themselves. This fight increases so much that the contestants got into physical fight with each other.

Adding more to it, Sidharth's pushes Mahira Sharma. She falls to the ground and hurts her head. After which Bigg Boss summons all the contestants to the living area and declares that the way Sidharth snatches the task is utterly condemnable and so he has been evicted.

Sidharth was also at loggerheads with Rashami Desai who was evicted during the latest Weekend Ka Waar episode.

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