Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 95: Manu and Pritam use their power to save Karanvir from kaalkothatri

It was that dreaded day of the week when contestants pray that they do not go to kaalkothari. This day of the week today was special as this was the season's last punishment, and like I always say in the Bigg Boss house nothing is ever vanilla so, how could this day just be a regular run of the mill. Bigg Boss added extra flavour to today’s last kaalkothari decision as ex-contestants Manu Punjabi and Pritam came to the house to decide the fate of who would be the unlucky person to get punished.

The two also were given a special power, in the end, to save one from the kaalkothari. Honestly, I was very impressed by their decision not just because they saved my favourite contestant but, because they acted fair as it was no reason to be jailed. I mean how can you sentence someone to kaalkothari for being double-faced? Come to think of it who has not acted double-faced in the house? At one point everyone has.

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Here’s who Manu and Pritam decided to save from kaalkothari and all that happened in the house:

The show did not begin on a pleasant note as Bigg Boss played “cukdukoo”’twice for the sleepyhead Romil Chaudhary who was pretending to soak in the sun but was actually enjoying a nap. Surbhi got livid as he was already warned about this number of times in the past and the housemates had to pay the price for him violating the rule. She got livid at him and Romil obviously went on a defensive footing. Other contestants too mocked Romil for sleeping. In a fit of rage, Romil threw Sree’s cosmetics in the bathroom area.

Former BB contestants Manu Punjabi and Pritam entered the show and said that they would be hosting the last punishment of the season called the “saza of the season.” The duo said that the housemates would be given three parameters on which they would decide who deserved to be punished. The first parameter was who was a double-faced person in the house. Deepak, Somi, Surbhi, and KV named Romil.

Dipika and Sree voted for KV to go to jail. It was a tie between Romil and KV. Surbhi changed her decision and sent KV to jail. KV was upset with Surbhi to change her decision and getting influenced. He questioned her on the same and Surbhi said that at one point everyone has been diplomatic.

The next parameter was of bad behaviour. Manu and Pritam asked housemates to name the most ill-behaved housemate. Surbhi and Sree’s name had to top the list. Dipika and Sree named Surbhi and gave the same reasons from the past. Surbhi defended herself. Dipika alleged that Surbhi had intimidating behaviour which brought out the worst in people. Manu and Pritam bought Dipika’s reasons. Somi voted for Sreesanth. Deepak and Romil named Surbhi and finally, Surbhi became the second contestant to be jailed.

The third parameter was an interesting one as housemates were asked to vote for the most irritating person in the house. While Deepak chose Romil, maximum of the housemates voted for Deepak including Somi. They gave out various reasons to vote for Deepak and finally Deepak was the third resident of the kaalkothari.

When Deepak entered the jail, KV asked him why was he sentenced to the punishment. He said that he was voted as the most irritating person of the house. Manu and Pritam finally entered the house and Bigg Boss lent them a warm welcome. The duo was sent with a special power. They declare the special power that was given to them and decided to save KV. Manu said that being double-faced cannot be a reason for sending someone to kaalkothari. KV thanked them and the two bid adieu to the housemates.

Romil was upset about the ex-contestants remarks on his sleeping. Somi told him to not take things too much to heart. Soon Romil accused Somi of being a player and Somi took offence to it and said that she was just trying to make him understand. The two got into an argument.

Surbhi, on the other hand, was having an emotional meltdown. She started to express her feelings in English and Bigg Boss warned her. Surbhi did not pay heed to the warning and kept ranting how she was being targeted for the past two weeks and felt that it was unfair. KV was sitting outside the jail and listening to her patiently. Deepak couldn’t hold himself back and reacted to Surbhi’s rant. Surbhi said she was not talking to him and Deepak said that when the conversation is between four people everyone had a right to their opinion. Surbhi advised Deepak to be quiet sometimes.

Weekend ka Vaar got more interesting as Sara Ali Khan is back on the show and this time with Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty to promote Simmba. But, beyond all the fun on a serious note who do you think deserves to be nominated this week? Leave your answers below and keep reading this space to know what all, happened in the house.