Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Weekend Ka Vaar: Sara, Sushant promote Kedarnath; no evictions in the house


After the high pitched drama that unfolded in the house on Saturday, it was much more peaceful and fun on Sunday. Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput not only had a gala time with Salman but also entertained the housemates with a fun task. Salman laughed the way Romil was getting personal and intimidated by Rohit and he too did not take the defeat. Salman kept the best for the last as he surprised the housemates and audience that there would be no evictions this week.

Here’s all that happened in the weekend ka vaar with Salman :-

Looking dapper as usual in black, Salman welcomed the audience and spoke about the drama last night and nominations. Salman then welcomed debutante Sara and with his co-star Sushant on the show before the release of their upcoming film Kedarnath. He gave a sneak peak into Sara’s royal lineage. Sara asked Salman about his debut and Salman said that was not too excited as his role was very minimal. Sara asked him about Maine Pyaar Kiya as a lead and Salman did not shy away from making fun of himself and said that he was shocked that Sooraj Barjatya still casted him. He then played a fun game with Sara and gave her options with two actors and asked her whose picture would she keep amongst the two. The first option was of Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra and she chose Varun and said that he stays close to her house in Juhu. Salman pulled her leg and said that Sid is also her neighbor. Second option was of Varun and Tiger Shroff. Out of the two, she chose Varun over Tiger as her mother played mom to the latter in a movie, so he was more like a brother. The third option was between Varun and Ranveer Singh and she chose Varun once again. Next was a choice between Varun and her father Saif Ali Khan and hands down, she chose Saif. The last was between Saif and Salman himself and Sara was caught between the devil and the deep sea. Seeing Sara's dilemma, Salman opted himself out.

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Salman then showed the audience what were the duo up to in the house. Sara and Sushant gave the housemates a fun task which turned out into a personal attack. Sushant and Sara would talk about a quality and the rest of them would name a person associated with it. There was a wheel in the  garden area and that housemate would be tied to the wheel and the remaining would throw water balloons on him/her.

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The first was about a prism who was useless in the house and most of them voted for Dipika. The second was a person with maximum flaws and Deepak got maximum votes. The third was for a person who is insecure and Jasleen went up the wheel. The last one was that of a person who is thankless and Romil got maximum votes. The task reached an uncomfortable level as housemates did not leave a chance to vent out their anger against each other.

Sara and Sushant joined Salman back on the show and they again played a fun game where each one of them wore headphones and guessed what the other person was murmuring. The audience was in splits. Salman complimented them on the music of their film and said he was hooked on to the song Sweetheart and they shook a leg on it. Sushant, who is an ardent Shah Rukh Khan fan, recreated the famous palat scene from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and then bid adieu to the show. Salman showed the audience what happened after the task in the house.

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Rohit talked about Romil’s position and image in the house with Deepak and Karanvir. Romil walked in and an argument broke between the two. KV warned him to not get abusive. Somi tried speaking to Deepak about Romil and tried to explain him her stance. Deepak said that she was always supportive of him. Somi said that she was just trying to be fair. Deepak said that he was done with Romil. Deepak told her what happened in the garden area. Later. Salman entered the house and spoke about the spooky incident that has recently happened. KV said that he saw an image in the mirror once. Salman said he would look in the camera and then said that it was static and it is strange. Housemates feel the chill. Salman does not reveal the truth behind the task.

It was time for Appy Fizz caller of the week, who put forth questions to Somi. She asked her that despite Romil's warning, she will now see his enemy face and why was Somi still so supportive of him. Somi replied by saying that she had nothing in her heart and things had calmed down between them. Somi said that, as a friend, she felt that he deserved a second chance.

Salman announced Sultani Akhada and this time it was Rohit vs Romil. Round one was won by Romil but later Rohit won the other two rounds. Romil got aggressive during the task and was upset that he lost to Rohit. Salman entered the house and taunted Romil of cheating in the task. Salman then spoke about evictions and created suspense. He later surprised the housemates and said that there won’t be any evictions this week but this does not mean that everyone was safe. This would spill into next week and they would count the votes for the two weeks and who ever gets less votes would be evicted. Salman said bye to the housemates. After his exit housemates talked about no evictions. They predict that there would be a mid week eviction.

Megha and Romil spoke about Deepak. Megha said that Deepak had already garnered a negative image. Dipika sternly asked Sreesanth to apologize to Surbhi for his comments, however, he was in no mood to do it. Romil tried to convince Sree.

The preview showed another fight between housemates and Sreesanth. What do you think must have happened between Surbhi and Sree? Alhough there was no eviction this week, who do you think would get evicted finally? Leave your comments below and keep reading this space for more.