Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan reprimands Megha and Deepak for their unruly behaviour


The week in the house was quite eventful with some confessions that qualified for breaking news, some words and phrases that tested the patience of others and someone betraying their team in the task. Host Salman Khan, however, showed that he masters the art of calling a spade a spade while calling out those at fault.

Here’s all that happened with Salman in Weekend Ka Vaar:-

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After greeting the audience, Salman spoke about Sreesanth coming out on the slapgate incident, Happy Club breaking, Megha and Deepak’s ugly spat. He reminded the housemates that they were not on leave or in a resort and showed visuals of Romil sleeping at different places. He lectured Romil on his way of captaincy. Salman asked KV about his views on Dipika not considering him for the safe zone even once. KV said that he was not expecting it as she had not mentioned his name as a friend in a task before. Salman questioned Dipika’s decision to only rotate with Sreesanth. She said that it was her strategy as she could save herself. She approached KV about his captaincy but his reaction had put her off. KV said that Dipika had this problem of holding grudges and not opening up.

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Salman questioned Dipika on her saving only Sree and having trust issues with KV and she agreed that she couldn’t trust him anymore. Salman asked Surbhi for her opinion on the same and she said that Dipika’s preferences kept changing and mostly her decisions were based on Sreesanth’s mood swings. Though Dipika claimed that she always looked for an appropriate time to talk to people about her feelings, Surbhi said that she only spoke to people for her gain and as per her convenience.

Salman questioned Somi’s decision of not moving out of the safe zone even once. Somi tried defending but fell flat on her face as Dipika who was eyewitness to the whole thing also agreed with Salman. Salman asked Romil about his decision to save Somi every time on the pretext of being weak. Somi strongly disagreed and said that she is safe in the game only because of the charity that her team is was doing on her. Somi was taken aback.

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Then came Deepak’s turn and though he did see things coming he never imagined that Salman would not just point to his behaviour in the task but also his overall demeanour on the show. Deepak’s provocative behaviour towards the housemates came under the scanner as Salman did not mince his words and said that if Deepak displayed this behaviour outside, he would definitely get a thrashing.  Salman went on to add Deepak was well aware of the policy of the show on causing physical harm to anyone and was taking advantage of same. Salman questioned Deepak’s intention behind using the word “chaal chalan.” He asked him about how he would feel if someone used that for his sister. He asked Deepak that if he did not mean to point fingers on Megha’s character then why he didn’t immediately apologise. Salman got irritated by Megha’s constant irritation and sternly told her that next is her turn and asked her to wait patiently till then. Deepak finally accepted his mistake and apologised for his words.

Salman then moved to Megha and questioned her experience on the show. Salman told Megha that her actions clearly showed her frustration of not being seen. He took the responsibility of her behaviour and said that all this triggered only after he pointed to her absence on the screen. Salman even mentioned taking a feedback about her from the Marathi Bigg Boss host Mahesh Manjrekar. He told Megha that she was well aware that Deepak did not really mean to point at her character and was just performing the task but she wanted to make an issue of it. Salman decoded her move and said that after a while she completely lost control of the situation and herself. He advised her that she should not lose her self-respect like that.

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After blasting Megha on her spitting and throwing a shoe incident, Salman brought up her commenting on Deepak’s appearance and his status. She defended and told Salman that Deepak really irritated her. Finally, Megha apologised to Salman and he asked both of them to know where to draw a line.

Salman also revealed how KV was the brainchild behind the whole move and did not get his due credit and instead Surbhi benefitted the one who became the captain. Salman praised KV for his move and asked the housemates to clap for him. Sreesanth went on a rant and Rohit and he got into an argument. Salman said that team blue lacked camaraderie and were moving like a headless chicken as they had no strategy.

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Salman took a break from the house and Deepak and Somi hid under the blanket and started crying. Surbhi tried to console them and asked them to take it as a feedback. Megha saw Somi crying and told her to take it in right spirits and cited her example. Deepak apologised to Megha again and said that he was genuinely sorry. Salman entered the house and it asked housemates to vote for the “gunehgaar” of the week. The popular choice was between Megha and Deepak. While Dipika and Sreesanth voted for Deepak Jasleen took Megha’s name. Salman asked Megha to enter the torture room and she said that she was already in one.

It was time to announce who was going to get evicted. Salman announced Deepak, Dipika and KV as safe. He bid adieu to the housemates. Sreesanth questioned Jasleen’s decision to vote for Megha. Jasleen said that it was because Salman mentioned that Deepak’s intention was not to malign her character. Dipika said that Megha had already gone to jail and nominated for the same and did not deserve any more punishment. Jasleen tried to apologise to Megha for taking her name but Megha was in no mood to listen. An upset Megha called Jasleen a mindless dumb beauty.

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When Megha came out of the torture room, Jasleen broke down and apologised to her. Megha hugged her and apologised too for her comments. At the end of the episode, popular actor and actresses from various shows entered the house and mocked them. An argument happened between Dipika and Sreesanth over round dosa and Sreesanth told Bigg Boss that he wanted to go home.

Srishty, Jasleen, Megha and Rohit are still unsafe, whose journey you think would end this week? Leave your comments below and keep reading this space for all the action in the house