And this is how Bigg Boss 11 came to an end!

From champagne to glitter, from designer gowns to tuxedos, Bigg Boss season 11 finale stood true to its promise of surprises, suspense, and thrill.

Here is all that happened in the last episode of BB11:  

The show begins with host Salman Khan performing to his latest hit Swag Se Swagat with top 4 finalists Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta. Salman welcomes the audience and tells them that live voting will happen only for the final two contestants. He then talks to the ex-contestants Hiten Tejwani, Benafsha, Akash Dadlani, Sapna Choudhary, Dhinchak Pooja, Priyank Sharma, Arshi Khan. He asks each one of them whom they are supporting. Arshi lashes out at Hina and Puneesh especially and says that instead of Puneesh either, she, Akash, Hiten or Sapna would have been more deserving. He pulls Hiten’s leg and asked him if he solved the mystery of his eviction. Hiten says that Shilpa was the main culprit.

Missing Padosis 

Much to everyone’s surprise except Luv Tyagi, no padosi was seen in the finale. Sabyasachi, Mehjabeen and Lucinda were nowhere to be seen. Jyoti Kumar was also missing.

Salman then enters the BB house. The contestants are all dressed up with Puneesh and Vikas looking dapper in their black suits, Hina decked in a pretty red gown and Shilpa in a golden number. Bigg Boss praises them for their efforts and asks them to raise a toast to their journey. Salman joins them in raising the toast. TV celebs like Rashami Desai, Prince Narula, Arjun Bijlani, Rohan Mehra, Rithvik Dhanjani, Karan Patel, Jay Bhanushali and much more give their viewpoint on how they think should win. Surprisingly, none of them take Puneesh’s name and remain divided between Vikas, Shilpa, and Hina.

Salman is all praises for the four finalists, and says they are all individual winners. He then praises Shilpa especially for the way she has played and the way in which she has painted her character in the show. Salman says that there was a time when the industry shut doors on her and today the same people are waiting for her to come out so that they can sign her. Shilpa thank Salman and Bigg Boss for the opportunity. Salman pulls Vikas’ leg and asks her if he has decided to work with her. Vikas says that they have decided and even discussed the script for a web series. Salman makes fun of them.

Salman then asks Shilpa and Vikas about the changes they have seen in each other. Vikas says Shilpa has become calmer and Shilpa says that it’s his misconception as she ignores him during a fight and has become mature. Salman then asks the contestants about who they think will leave the house. Vikas says everyone and Salman lashes at him. Vikas and others take Puneesh’s name.

Spectacular performances 

Just like every finale, Bigg Boss season 11 grand finale witnessed some grand performances. While Akash performed in his favourite rap mixed with Divine’s "Paintra",

Bandgi and Puneesh gave a sexy performance drenched in the pool on the sensuous no. “Tip Tip Barsa Pani”.

It was time for Arshi to unabashedly perform the song “Laila Main Laila” and then is joined by Hiten Tejwani as they perform on “Laila Tujhe Loot Lengi”.

Hina gives a performance on the song “Maine Heroine Hoon” and a group act with her bodyguards Priyank and Luv on “Oye Oye” remake.

Shilpa and Vikas also did a funny performance on the song “Maine Teri Dushman” where Shilpa turned “Naagin” and Vikas the “Sapera”. They also performed on “Emotional Attayachar” from Dev D.

One of the highlight’s of the performances was also, ace dancer Sapna joining Salman and Akshay on the stage to shake a leg on their popular number “ Mujhse shaadi kareongi”.

The other highlight of the finale performance was Dhinchak Pooja who sang her cacophony songs “ Selfie” “Afreen Bewafa hai” and the popular “Dillon Ka Shooter” while riding a bike triple seat with Akshay and Salman.

Swag Se Eviction 

Salman then announces that this time the family members of the contestants will be entering the house to bring their back. The door opens and Puneesh’s parents enter and get him back. The third eviction happens when Akshay enters the house to promote PadMan.

Akshay goes inside the house and the remaining three Vikas, Hina and Shilpa gather in the activity area and stand behind a podium. Their statues are placed opposite to them and there's a buzzer on their podium. Akshay announces that when he presses the buzzer, one of the statues will be up in flames and the contestants whose statue is up will be the one to walk out of the house with him.

Akshay presses Shilpa’s buzzer and nothing happens, he then presses Hina’s buzzer and finally when Vikas’ turn comes his statue is up in flames and the mastermind of the house loses to the two ladies and walks out of the house.

When the two ladies walked the aisle one last time

Then's it's the time to announce the winner and before that, it was time to say goodbye to the house one last time. Like a practice every year, Bigg Boss 11 thanks the ladies to be a part of this amazing journey, he addressed them one last time and made a heartfelt speech. The two finalists, the two ladies stand holding hands at the beginning of the aisle in the garden area. Bigg Boss bids adieu them and like a custom, every year asks them to switch off the lights of the house. As the house goes dark, the aisle lits up with fireworks on the side and the two finalists, the two ladies walk down it one last time.

Salman then announces that the Live Voting will be open for 10 mins. Shilpa’s brother tweets in support of his sister. As the two ladies grace the stage, host Salman leaves no stone unturned in raising the suspense quotient. He first takes on a break and then holds the hands of the two ladies for the longest time, creating suspense and sometimes he raises Hina’s hands and sometimes Shilpa’s.

Salman finally holds the ladies close to him, hugs both of them and finally declares Shilpa Shinde as the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa can't believe her ears in genuine surprise and Hina, the favourite bahu of the television industry, looks shocked. Salman tells Hina that he, unfortunately, can not tell her to play hard next time but Shilpa at least has a chance as Marathi Bigg Boss is also beginning soon. *Lol*

Salman takes the briefcase of the money from Shilpa and hands it over to the actress' mother. Shilpa cries tears of belief and happiness and Hina cries her eyes out in complete disbelief.

And finally, even the audience know it is the time to pack their bags of memories from this season, some sweet some sour, some moments of pride and some of the disgrace and it was the time that one more Bigg Boss season has come to an end.